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Leading sovereign citizen guru convicted for fictitious financial instruments


Winston Shrout of Hillsboro, Oregon, is one of the biggest name-brand sovereign citizens. His schtick was to issue, or to have his followers issue, homemade "International Bills of Exchange" to use to pay their debts with. One of his greatest hits was to send to a small Chicago bank a package containing a thousand of them, each purportedly worth $1 trillion, in hopes a low-level banker would accidentally process it into the system.

Last week, he was convicted on 13 felony counts of issuing massive International Bills of Exchange
(at this point things devolve into a bad vaudeville routine:
"How massive were they?"
"They were so massive that cashing out all thirteen would have required all the money in the world!"
...and on that I am not joking - the Global Domestic Product, which is the sum total of all the money in the world, is $5 trilliion LESS than Shrout's thirteen IBoEs.)
plus one misdemeanor count of not filing tax returns for twenty years.

In August he'll be sentenced, and the mandatory minimums are 25 years for each count of passing bad paper and one year for not filing his taxes. (He was not charged with the other tax-related crime - not only didn't he FILE for twenty years, he didn't PAY either.)

The REAL Donald Trump theme song!

Speaking of Gorsuch, what does Trump have on McConnell?

Gorsuch is about as bad as they come...but why is McConnell so hell-bent on putting him on the Supreme Court? There are a LOT of judges as bad as Gorsuch, or worse than him, who are more prominent than he is.
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