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Member since: 2002
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I don't want Sessions to resign over Russia

If that happens, Trump will simply issue a preemptive pardon (like the one Ford gave Nixon) before jumping on a plane to Florida to grieve over the loss of his trusted advisor. Trump will then find someone even worse to replace Sessions.

Sessions needs to be taken into custody, impeached, removed from office, tried for the federal crime of perjury, and imprisoned. No double-jeopardy provisions apply since impeachment is simply a means of determining your fitness to remain in office, and its only penalty if successful is removal from that office. The odds that a Republican Congress will either entertain an impeachment hearing in the House or convict a Trump consigliere in the Senate are slim, but articles of impeachment MUST be filed on him. Our way of life depends on it.

Meet NASCAR's next star, and Donald Trump's worst nightmare



Daniel Suarez was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and is a citizen of Mexico. He decided at a very early age he wanted to be a race car driver. After kicking ass and taking names on the Mexican racing circuits, he moved to the US. Last year, he was NASCAR Xfinity Series (the second-tier series, just below what is now Monster Cup) champion - the first foreign-born NASCAR champion, while driving for the top-tier Joe Gibbs Racing organization.

At the end of last season, Gibbs' primary driver Carl Edwards retired from racing. Suarez took his seat.

Yesterday was the Daytona 500, the biggest race on the NASCAR calendar. Suarez qualified midfield (a very good spot for a guy in his first race) and was running well until he was taken out in a Lap 130 crash.

It will be a glorious day to see the First Slumlord's tweetstorm after this kid wins his first race, and it'll probably happen before midseason.

12 planes violated the Trump TFR last weekend


TFR means Temporary Flight Restriction, and you can read about the TFRs here: http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2017-01-20/feds-outline-tfr-plans-trump-visits-mar-lago

They have a 30-nautical-mile radius airspace restriction around Trump's pleasure palace, with a near-absolute 10-nm radius no-fly zone in the center. Business jets can fly into Palm Beach International, but they have to be cleared at one of five "gateway airports" - Westchester County, Teterboro, Washington Dulles, Orlando International or Fort Lauderdale International Airport - before flying to Palm Beach.

So far, Trump has cost the Palm Beach aviation community a quarter-million dollars, and he's only been president five weeks.

This country is so screwed.

You realize the Milo thing is going to be twisted to help the alt-right

It is Tuesday, February 21. Milo the Troll was just canned by Breitbart "News" for claiming pederasty is a good thing.

By Friday, February 24, the entire hard right will be claiming Milo did nothing wrong, that he has Freedom of Speech and he was silenced by the "loony left" for daring to express an unpopular opinion. This Sunday's talk shows will be covered up with it. Trump will go into a tweetstorm. Congress will demand investigations. And the Conservative Man in the Street, perhaps not realizing what Milo's "unpopular opinion" was, will use this incident as further proof that Liberals Are Evil And Need To All Be Killed.

Sweden prepares Trump retaliation plan that will bring America to her KNEES

They are going to go through every IKEA store and warehouse in the US and take the instructions out of the boxes.

How to make your Sto-Fen diffuser fit your flash

I will soon need to take some flash photos under fluorescent light. Since I have Nikon F4S and 8008S bodies I bought an SB-24 flash. I got a FL-D filter, the Sto-Fen diffuser listed...no go, too small.

Easy to fix. You need a heat gun and a work glove. Simply heat the diffuser til it gets soft, pry it over the nose of the flash, and leave it on til it cools.

I think we all need a little levity right about now

And this one never gets old...

How to end illegal immigration once and for all

Throw company executives and HR officers in federal prison if their companies are found to be employing illegal immigrants. Give one week for each immigrant from one to 25, a month for each one between 26 and 50, and a year for each one past 50. That's for the first offense. (Also deport all the illegal immigrants, making sure to charge the company the full cost of deportation.)

Second offense: $100,000 fine plus prison.

If they're stupid enough to do it a third time, seize the company and auction it off.

Trump will never agree to it for two reasons - his biggest business supporters would be in prison, and if this system was in place in 1980 so would Donald Trump. Has anyone bothered to do an eVerify audit of his hotels?

The earliest known photo of Donald Trump

I LOVE Robert Alford!

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