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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,434

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Trump immigration ban puts $20 billion in Boeing aircraft sales at risk



Around $20 billion worth of Boeing commercial aircraft orders to foreign countries could be at risk due to President Donald Trump's immigration action targeting countries such as Iran and Iraq.

"We think the president's travel ban could have negative implications for orders from Iran and Iraq," said James Corridore, an aerospace analyst at CFRA Research. "We see these contracts as vulnerable to cancellation, though we also think it possible that the current injunction against the travel ban will be upheld, which could lessen the impact."

In announcing the Boeing deal on Dec. 11, Boeing touted the deal as supporting nearly 100,000 new jobs. Boeing is in the midst of cost-cutting in its commercial aircraft division and is facing tough competition from Airbus.

My friends and countrymen, there is a serious issue we all need to address

And that is:

What, exactly, is the DU-approved and tested official spelling of the way Donald Trump says the word "huge"?

Has Trump declared a state of emergency in the tornado hit area?

Georgia got whacked a few days ago and 16 people died. Trump says he's going to "help." Has he, or is he too busy turning the US into a dictatorship?

Did anyone else do this upon waking?

This morning, as I pressed the power button of my computer, I thought to myself, "what has this asshole done now?"

Idaho multi-truck crash results in amputation


Early in the morning of January 19, the following happened:

Truck 1. A semi jackknifed in the right-hand lane.

Truck 2. A logging truck moved into the left-hand lane and started slowing down to avoid the jackknifed semi.

Truck 3. Another semi started slowing down but wasn't able to stop, so he ran into the logging truck.

Truck 4. A fourth semi ran into the back of Trucks 2 and 3. It knocked the logs off Truck 2, which rolled into the cab of Truck 1, and shoved the Truck 2 vehicle into the median.

All four drivers were wearing seat belts.

Truck 4 was being team-driven. The driver was taken to the hospital in Coeur d'Alene with Serious injuries. His co-driver also received Serious injuries, but they were more serious than the first guy's were because he got taken to a hospital in Spokane with a better trauma center.

The driver of Truck 1 got pinned into the cab by the logs from Truck 2. The only way they could get him out was to fly a medical team from Coeur d'Alene and amputate the guy's right leg. The Idaho State Police said this was the first time this ever happened in North Idaho, and it only happens about five times a year anywhere in the country.

Question about ACA repeal

Is there a possibility Trump is trying to ramrod the repeal through so he can sign it on the podium at Friday's coronation, while Obama is standing there to see it? Trump hates Obama so badly he'd do it just as a fuck-you to him.

With Trump in office, there will be no anti-bullying training in the schools

Be real: How can we go to our kids with a straight face and tell them bullying is bad after putting that...that THING...in the White House?

Kodak to re-introduce Ektachrome in 4Q2017

For those of us who love working with slide film, this is great news:


Kodak will produce EKTACHROME at its film factory in Rochester, N.Y., and will market and distribute the Super 8 motion picture film version of EKTACHROME Film directly.

Kodak Alaris, an independent company since 2013, also plans to offer a still format KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film for photographers in 135-36x format.

1/21 marchers, memorize the phone number of someone who can bail you out of jail

I hate to have to say this, but I think our un-American soon-to-be temporary president will try to have anyone marching against him arrested and put in jail. If they do that to you, the first thing they'll do is seize your cell phone. If you don't have the phone number of at least one reliable person who can come get you out of jail memorized, you're screwed.

Folks, you knew this was coming


They sell urinal mats with all the features a good urinal mat should have: fresh lemon scent, "poetic" Chinese manufacture, and a full-color, full-bleed, "horrific" picture of Donald Trump's ugly face. $12 for one, or a 10-pack for $60 in case you want to leave them in public restrooms...
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