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There's only one response to Trump's Machado tweets

"That's nice, Donnie. Still trying to deflect from your felonies, I see."

The moment Donald Trump lost not only the debate, but the election

Trump: "I've been all over the place. You decided to stay home, and that's okay."

Hillary: "I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that's a good thing."

Today's Bundy Update: $1000 fine for mentioning LaVoy


Judge Anna Brown has proven she will not take any crap from the defense in this case.

One of the defense's tactics in this case is to try to pivot into an exploration of the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. Finally, Judge Brown informed Ammon Bundy's lawyer, and later all the lawyers on both sides, that the only things that can be discussed regarding the ventilation of Tarpman are the day he was killed and that he was killed. Go outside that little cage, says the good judge, and she's going to whack the lawyer that did it with a $1000 contempt citation.

They also interviewed the rancher who operates next to the Malheur refuge. He was not happy about going through calf season surrounded by armed sovereign citizens.

The case is on hold until next Monday.

Bundy Trial: Ammon was carrying over $8000 when he was arrested


We learned some interesting facts today:

The day before the occupation happened, Ammon bought $471.55 worth of hunting supplies - ammunition, rifle scopes and clothing - from a store in Emmett, Idaho.

The day before he was arrested, he withdrew $6000 from an in-store bank in Nampa, Idaho. (Both are roughly 200 miles from the Malheur reservation.) When the cops picked him up, they discovered $8000 on his person in a white envelope and an additional $31 in his wallet.

The prosecution now believes they can rest next week.

Interesting! The NY bombing suspect is a US citizen


His name is Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was born in Afghanistan in 1988, moved with his family to the US (it doesn't say when, sorry, but it was quite a while ago because...), and obtained his US citizenship.

Here's what's really interesting to me: in 2002, Rahami, his father Mohammed Sr., and Ahmad's brother Mohammed opened a fried chicken joint styled First American Fried Chicken. (Don't visit their Yelp page if you want to preserve your fading hope for humanity.) In 2011 they filed a federal suit against the city and the cops for "a reckless disregard and deliberate indifference for plaintiff's constitutional rights of liberty, due process and equal protection." The cops' side of the story: the restaurant was a persistent neighborhood nuisance. It stayed open all night and drew "large, loud crowds." The City Council voted to impose a 10pm closing time because the crowds at the restaurant were keeping the neighbors up all night. Naturally, the Rahamis ignored it.

He's also got a rap sheet - obstruction of justice and resisting arrest are his favorite crimes.

He seems to be more a generic American asshole than an international terrorist.

Keith Olbermann says Hillary is wrong

Hillary says half of Trump's supporters are in a "basket of deplorables." Keith posits they're all deplorable.

Bundy Trial: Ammon Bundy's Facebook feed has convicted him

Fortunately, this is the last day of testimony for the week. So, next installment is Monday.


The prosecution introduced Ammon Bundy's Facebook account as evidence today. There is a lot of it - over 300,000 pages - and much of it is damning.

To Washington teabagger Gavin Seim, who asked, Im getting conflicting messages on the 2nd. On the one hand its being called a rally and protest. On the other hand its being called a call to action. Can you clarify that? he responded he would never go to a rally unarmed.

The next one is a little confusing. It's supposedly from "Brandon Thomas." Brandon Thomas plays guard for the Detroit Lions. Brandon Curtiss, however, is founder and president of sovereign citizen group 3% of Idaho and is known to have provided "armed support" to the Malheur takeover, so I think we're talking about Mr. Curtiss. He actually tried talking Ammon out of his plan to seize the refuge: I think you ought to make it more clear, that people should not take this as a green light to stand against the feds like was done at your familys ranch. Bundy replied that what he planned was "more than just a protest."

(This is sad: Mr. Curtiss has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due, in no small part, to having spent all his family's money supporting the Bundy bunch. Curtiss owns a property management business that's also being sued because it collected rent and late fees from tenants then kept the money for Curtiss' personal use. How the hell can anyone get themselves that deeply into total bullshit?)

Today we also learned that Ryan Bundy, Kenneth Medenbach and two unknown assistants went to the Bureau of Land Management office in Hines, Ore., and posted signs there stating the office was permanently closed.

Bundy Bunch trial update: Clothes make the man


Not much to report today, apparently; the big news is Ammon Bundy's attire. He's started wearing jail scrubs to prove he's a political prisoner. Judge Brown told the jury not to make any inferences based on the clothes he chose to wear to court.

Bundy Bunch trial: And...we're off!


Ammon and Ryan Bundy, not dressed as cowboys, stepped into the courtroom today for the first day of the end of their lives.

From what I can gather, here are the arguments we will hear over the next few weeks.

The government's position is pretty simple: The Bundys fomented and led a conspiracy to seize and occupy the Malheur refuge.

The Bundys' position is all over the map. They are peaceful activists fighting to rebirth Rural America. The Hammonds were illegally reimprisoned. The government has no constitutional right to own land, therefore they have no standing to bring this case. They're good religious Americans who ought not be tampered with. They were enforcing the law by holding the refuge. They're deeply suspicious of the government, who is fundamentally violent.

The Bundy Bunch jury has been selected


Twelve jurors plus eight alternates. The prosecution thinks the case will last long enough that all eight alternates will eventually be used.


The Bundys will be wearing business casual rather than cowboy garb.

The gavel drops on Tuesday.
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