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I made a Hillary-Kaine logo...what do you think?

The C goes without saying.

I did a lot of fiddling around with the K in its normal orientation, then realized that if I flip it around it does four things for me.

It evokes the arrow in Hillary's original logo. I made the stem of the K into an exclamation point to anticipate the excitement of having Hillary as president.

It causes the mouth of the K to face left, to suggest Kaine is to the left.

It keeps Trump's brownshirts from claiming we're running the "Calvin Klein" ticket.

And I think it looks cooler this way.

I have figured out Melania's speech

Day 1 of the RNC didn't go well. It started out with the party having to shut down an attempt by the delegates to overthrow the will of the voters. We were then treated to a long list of essentially worthless people, like the homophobe Phil Robertson, outcast SEAL Marcus Luttrell and free-market absolutist Scott Baio.

The only way they were going to keep this grade of disaster off the front page Tuesday is through a futile and stupid gesture meant as a diversion. The quickest and most effective way was to slip a little bit of Michelle Obama's 2008 speech and a quick rickroll into the address Trump's third wife made to the nation.

Signs of the Apocalypse: OFF! Named Official Insect Repellant of 2016 Olympics


Growing concerns among athletes and visitors about Zika-carrying mosquitos in Rio de Janeiro has led it to sign SC Johnsonís OFF! as the Olympicsí first-ever insect repellent partner.

Sheriff's badges have little balls on the star points

Google "picture of a sheriff's badge" and you'll find two kinds: stars and shields. A star-shaped badge almost always has a ball at the end of each point of the star; whether it's just "tradition" or a way to keep the criminal element from stabbing the officer with his badge I'm not sure, but with very few exceptions they all have it.

The thing Trump put on Hillary's picture has no balls on the star points. It therefore cannot be a sheriff's badge.
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