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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,400

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Check out the US Chemical Safety Board's YouTube channel


It's full of investigations of major industrial mishaps. Very informative, extremely well done. If this doesn't piss you off about the GOP, nothing will.

Post your derisive nickname for Trump!

Trump is a classic bully. And one of his favorite tactics is to screw with someone's name. So far we've heard Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, and probably a few others I don't recall.

Two can play at that game.

My vote: Mafia Don.

Laugh of the day: Chuggo Poetry Reading!

Why doesn't the Burlington College website mention the college is closing?

I have gone through the whole thing just today. There's not one word about the announced fact Burlington will close at the end of this semester.

Bernie needs to send a $27 tip to Ted Cruz

If OusTED were still in the race, a large portion of the roughly 40 percent of Bernie's voters who will vote for Trump in November would have voted in the GOP primary instead...which could have put Bernie into break-even/slight loss territory.

How do BOTH candidates miss their targets?

According to Nate Silver, Bernie's WV target was 17 delegates and Hillary's was 12.

According to Google, Bernie got 16 delegates in WV and Hillary 11.

Have you gotten the feeling Sanders' plan isn't actually meant to help the lower classes?

Anyone with a grain of brain has to know the people who are really going to get raked by Sanders' tax structure have the financial means to get the hell out of the United States, and this may be his ultimate goal.

Ammon Bundy intended occupation to end up in civil court


His lawyers in the 33-page motion say Bundy isn't an extremist or a member of any militia and doesn't hold anti-government views.

"Defendant Ammon Bundy organized his fellow citizens in protest of the expansive and unsupported interpretation of the Constitution that purports to allow the federal government to own and control more territory, and exercise jurisdiction over more land in the Western States, than the States themselves," lawyers Lissa Casey and Mike Arnold wrote in the motion.

Because everyone knows no one who attempts to overthrow the government all by his little lonesome has any anti-government views, right?

There are things one should not eat

A restaurant in town is selling this...

Twelve Green Berets, two tons of explosives...

War story follows: One of the things Special Forces soldiers do is train other nations' armed forces. Before a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha can deploy on a training mission, they must present the training the other country's army will receive to a US Army unit at either their base or a base close to theirs. When I was at Fort Drum, NY, the closest SF base was in Massachusetts...10th Group learned better than to try training MI school students in 1982 (which is a story for another day) so they came to Drum, and they trained our unit in advanced first aid, demolitions, survival and weapons.

You can't really train with explosives at Devens...maximum single blast is 25 pounds. What the hell are you going to do with only 25 pounds of explosives? So when they went to a real Army base they decided to get in some practice for themselves...and brought FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS of C-4, TNT, military dynamite, Bangalore torpedoes and detonating cord with them. First thing they did before we went downrange is asked us to call Range Control and find out what the biggest single blast they could set off was. The duty fell to me.
"Yeah, we've got twelve insane Green Berets here with a truckload of HE who want to know how much they can set off at one time."
'How much do they have?'
"Four thousand pounds."
'Oh, it's a lot more than that...'
If you want to make a Special Forces engineer happy, tell him he can set off as much explosive as he wants.

This particular detonation had 300 pounds of TNT, fifty of C-4 and one Bangalore torpedo in it. On top of all that shit we piled concertina wire, logs, bricks, used tires, an old jeep, just anything we could get our hands on that was lying on the range. I got this shot by aiming my camera toward where the bomb was, crouching down inside the bunker they had for us (it was a quarter-mile from the blast pit) with my finger on the shutter, waiting until the sergeant counted down to one, then leaning on the shutter button until the sound of the explosions reached us. I photographed seven different blasts and this is the only one where I got the explosives while they were still burning.
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