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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,735

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You folks want to see a really cute family?

This is US Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, her cardiologist husband James Beckerman, MD, and their two children. Judge Beckerman's the one who just ordered Ammon and Ryan Bundy held without bail. She is renowned in Oregon judicial circles for being truly fair and impartial even with people who REALLY need to be in prison.

Onmel: Who thought THIS was a good idea?

Our friends at Merz North America, which is a pharmaceutical company, have introduced the new drug Onmel to treat the scourge that is Toenail Fungus. No, really. That's what it does.


It'll cure your toenail fungus if it doesn't kill you first: This shit has a Black Box Warning!

According to it:
ONMEL can cause serious life-threatening side effects, including:

Heart failure. Don't take this if you have had heart failure, including congestive heart failure, and call your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms of congestive heart failure: shortage of breath, swelling of feet, ankles or legs, sudden weight gain, increased tiredness, coughing up white or pink phlegm, fast heartbeat, or waking up at night more than normal for you.

Serious cardiovascular effects. And then they give you a list of thirteen different drugs it cross-reacts with, one of which is "ergot alkaloids," which means if you drop acid you shouldn't take this either.

It also causes liver failure and death, nerve damage, hearing loss, increased liver enzyme in blood test results, upper respiratory infections, UTIs, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, headache, tiredness, throat pain, back pain...and, at $230 for seven tablets, starvation, car repossession, eviction, credit card default, deprivation, humiliation, debtor's prison and deportation, dark depictions, dire predictions, life as seen in Dickens' fiction, empty pockets, court dockets, may cause eyes to pop from sockets..and you can cure your toenail fungus with tea tree oil applied topically so what's the point anyway?

What's this place gonna be like the week after Bernie drops out of the race?

Why does the "Bernie at the March on Washington" picture look collaged?

This is the picture:

I've got this thing on my second screen right now, and it appears to me that six people were collaged into it:

Person 1: black guy off Coretta Scott King's left shoulder. The light on his shoulders is quite a bit different than Dr. King's, and they're dressed similarly.

Person 2: black guy two rows back from Mrs. King, slightly to her right. He just looks stuck in.

Person 3: little white guy who has this "halfway out of it" expression on his face; this is proclaimed to be Bernie Sanders. His head is quite a bit smaller than everyone else's, and the light on his shoulders is different.

Person 4: white guy who's in the same row as Person 2, and to the left of Person 3. Looks like a posed studio portrait. Head is larger than Person 6.

Person 5: white guy to the left of person 4, and in the same row as Person 3. Looks very badly cut out.

Person 6: white guy in a suit to the left of Person 5. Badly cut out around his head, more detail in his face than persons 3 through 5.

Some of the others in this picture don't sit well with me - the priest looks a little iffy, too.

I don't know why someone would do this, but it appears they did.

Idaho cops bust Santa Claus for DUI


This guy has legally changed his name to Santa Claus. Anyway, on Thursday night ol' Kris Kringle was driving eastbound in the westbound lane, the cops pulled him over, and...

"It should be noted, while speaking with Santa, I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot," the report stated.
Santa told police he had "three or four" beers at the nearby Moon Dollars restaurant and could not recall the size or type of beer he consumed.

Bernie Sanders best-case EV scenario: 112 Sanders - 423 any Republican

Bernie Sanders will motivate millions of people who've never voted before in their lives to register to vote AGAINST him. More importantly, his platform of tax after tax, government intrusion into the private sector and unattainable pipe dreams will flip a lot of heretofore solidly blue states. Washington comes to mind quickly: everything from the summit of Mount Rainier to the Idaho state line is redder than Alabama. Always remember Reagan won 49 states in 1984 after he raised taxes three times and got 241 Marines killed in Beirut.

So...my best-case scenario for a Sanders-Trump, Cruz, Carson or Rubio race is:

California: 55 ev
Hawaii: 4 ev
Illinois: 20 ev
Massachusetts: 11 ev
New York: 29 ev
Vermont: 3 ev
Total is 112. The Republican takes the rest.

Unfortunately, I don't think that'll happen: With the possible exception of Hawaii, which is very solidly Democratic, and Vermont, who's been sending Sanders to Congress for two decades, there's not a safe state in the fifty. There's a good chance Sanders could receive 62 ev (California, Hawaii and Vermont) and an outside chance he gets three (his home state).

The American Way of Life can't afford Bernie Sanders in the general election.

Not Florida man: Brawl at Carl's Jr breaks out over thrown jalapeno


POST FALLS — A taste test wasn't even required for this jalapeño moment to turn heated.

A man allegedly threw a jalapeño pepper at a group eating at a nearby table at Carl's Jr. inside Love's Travel Stop early Sunday morning, according to a Post Falls Police report.

The male who was struck by the flying food approached the three men to ask if one of them threw the pepper and shook one of the men's hand, the report states.


However, the victim was then allegedly punched multiple times causing trauma to his mouth and face. Medics treated the 33-year-old Hayden man on scene and it was recommended that he see a dentist immediately due to severe injuries to his mouth.

The question that will kill Sanders' health care plan

"How are you going to convince a Congress who would rather commit mass suicide than raise taxes to pass the tax increases that will be necessary to fund your plan?"

Very simple way to get rid of the Bundy Bunch

Send two government officials to the Malheur Refuge.

The first person will have a document purportedly transferring ownership of the refuge to Ammon Bundy's group.

The second person will have a document demanding immediate payment of 175 years' worth of back property taxes, at current rates, plus interest and penalties, on 187,757 acres of land, and authorizing the government to seize all vehicles, firearms, ammunition, personal effects, interest in any business ventures in any state in the Union, and snacks in the Bundy group's possession as partial payment for this tax liability. Then bring in the rollbacks and start loading up their cars.

They'll start packing in microseconds.

Who gets blamed when the Oregon Teahadists start shooting each other?

I mean, besides Obama - that he'll be blamed somehow is a given.
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