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Post-Coup Prediction: The new speaker will be someone you never heard of

The Soviets had a wonderful term for it: being retired, a convenient way to remove not-so-convenient people. John Boehner was standing in the way of the tea party's plan to impeach Barack Obama while he's still president and to impeach Hillary Clinton before the primaries start. Since no one can ever tell the tea party 'no,' he had to be removed. And they did it the same way they got rid of Nixon: they gave him the choice of ending his political career or having it ended for him. Any long-term politician has enough skeletons in his or her closet to start a medical school, so it wouldn't be hard to find SOMETHING bad enough to land him in the Stripey Hole until Pall Malls are no longer being made.

Make no mistake, my friends: John Boehner didn't "retire," he was overthrown in a palace coup.

Now they have to replace him. My feeling is the next speaker will...

be a teabagger; there is no way the 'baggers would run off an establishment speaker then allow another one to take his place
who isn't in a leadership slot
or on one of the nine Special Committees to Hang an Impeachment-Worthy Millstone Around Obama's Neck
and who isn't super well known - ESPECIALLY for their blatant stupidity.

This means both Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise are right out. As are any of the committee chairs. And Trey "Torquemada" Gowdy. And most important, Blake Farenthold, Louie Gohmert and Mark Sanford will never soil the speaker's gavel.

My prediction: Raul Labrador, Idaho's gift to America.

As president Scott Walker will abolish public sector unions


Even the other Republicans in the clown car are aghast by this.

Who funds the Oath Keepers? We really need to know

It can't be cheap to go stand in Cliven Bundy's cow patch for two or three months keeping Obama's All Muslim Army from destroying the freedom and sovereignty of a good, God-fearing, freedom-loving American who just wants to graze his good, God-fearing, freedom-loving cattle without paying his grazing fees, or to stand in front of a county courthouse to protect a good, God-fearing, freedom-loving American from getting re-arrested for refusing to follow a court order directing her to give marriage licenses to those icky homosexuals. These guys don't LOOK to be independently wealthy. I realize about ninety percent of 'em are probably full-blown sovereign citizens, but sovereign citizens have to eat, buy gas and ammo for protests, and get supplies to defraud their creditors with just like everyone else, right?

So...who's paying these guys' living expenses?

God speaks about the Kim Davis situation

I keep about 12 weather widgets up on my Mac's widget screen. For most of the summer, all of them showed bright and sunny...and the Northwest has been covered in forest fires as a result.

Then Judge David Bunning gets sick of Kim Davis' shit and puts her in jail.

Now it's raining in America.
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