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So NBC kicked The Donald to the curb...

...well, now we know how he's going to get out of his television contracts before he pretends to run for president.

Dear NRA

Cut the shit. America has HAD IT with a gun massacre every day. Either you solve the problem of gun violence or we will.

Sincerely, the Gun Grabbers of Merica.

Do white supremacists like to add the word "storm" to their names?

I've been studying the sovereign citizens pretty closely, and a lot of them like to change their names: African-American sovereigns who have embraced the Moors will add "el Bey" or just one of the two words in it to their names, and Caucasian sovereigns may change their last names to "Freeman." This lets like-minded souls recognize them immediately - if you're a sovereign who calls himself "Frank Freeman" and someone introduces himself as "John Freeman" you immediately know it's safe to talk about running stop signs and getting away with it by bamboozling the cops or whatever in the hell they talk about.

I haven't been so diligent with white supremacists. Is adding "Storm" to their names popular in that world?

New twist in the Dolezal story: Her brother is an alleged child molester

In case you were wondering why Rachel Dolezal's parents waited many years after she started representing herself as black to start talking about it...well, there's a reason.


Since The Press reported the news, Dolezal has made several statements to various media outlets indicating that her parents' motivation to come forward about her ethnic identity was motivated by family legal matters playing out in Colorado. Court records show that Dolezal's older biological brother, Joshua, was arrested in 2014 on four counts of child sexual assault.
The charges were filed in Clear Creek County, Colorado. The case is scheduled to go to trial this summer.
The New York Daily News reported Sunday that Rachel Dolezal is assisting the alleged victim in the case. The New York publication did not release the name of the victim and it was not immediately available in court records.

Speaking of 2016, let's have a "what-if" exercise

For the purposes of discussion, let's pretend our next president has a Congress that will work with him or her to achieve whatever he or she wants to do. This is a two-parter.

Part 1: If a person running on the Democratic ticket wins the election, what is the first thing you'd like them to do?

Part 2: If a person running on the Republican ticket wins, what is the first thing you expect them to do?

My answers first:
Part 1: $1 trillion in infrastructure spending - specifically, roads, bridges, ocean ports and airports - without one cent in tax reduction.
Part 2: National right-to-work law.

Argentina Introduces New Job Opportunity for GOP Presidential Candidates

A new law in Argentina will require public hospitals in its largest province to keep a steady supply of specially trained clowns to help treat child patients, reports The Associated Press.

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