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The place with the latest Uzi death is Teabagger Fantasyland


After eating "the world's best hamburger" patrons are taken to the range in "the world's longest Monster Truck," where they get to fire weapons someone else cleans.

What parts of the government should be bigger?

The far right thinks the government doesn't work because it's too big. Obviously in some cases that's true...we have too many Republican Congressmen, for instance.

Today's exercise is to list three parts of government that would be better if they were bigger. I'll start:

Food Safety Inspection Service
Securities and Exchange Commission
Federal Aviation Administration

Watch Michael Sam sack Johnny Manziel

What would happen if someone did "come and take it"?

Molon Labe. It's Greek for Fuck the World.

They say it means "come and take it." I like my translation better - it's more accurate. It's the rallying cry of the Gun Humper movement. They put it on signs. They put it on shirts. They use it in their sig lines.

Now I ask ya: If someone was walking through...oh, the area before the security checkpoints at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport...with a loaded rifle and wearing a Molon Labe shirt, and someone really did try to come and take it, how long after the inevitable shooting would it take those of us who don't sleep with a loaded rifle between the sheets to demand this shit be ended - and to vote out any politician who wouldn't?

I've been thinking about capital punishment lately...

I keep seeing this thought:

"They put dogs to sleep with lethal injection and don't screw it up this bad, why can't they get it right with prisoners?"

Before lethal injection was deemed The Only Proper Way To Put Down An Animal, you know they did testing: they had to have cleaned out the pounds and killed animal after animal with various doses of drugs until they knew how much of what drug to use to kill without pain or excessive cost.

You can't do that with humans, which means every lethal injection execution is a medical experiment. Josef Mengele would be so proud.

Cliven Bundy claims the Lord told him to fight a civil war against the feds

Bundy, a Mormon, told an Independent American Party gathering in St. George, Utah, on Saturday that God provided him personal inspiration in the showdown over cattle in Bunkerville, Nevada, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

"The Lord told me ... if (the local sheriff doesn't) take away these arms from federal agents, we the people will have to face these arms in a civil war. He said, 'This is your chance to straighten this thing up,'" Bundy said, according to The Spectrum of St. George (http://bit.ly/1pRx8nq ).

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