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Regarding "let the people decide about gay marriage," this must be pointed out

"The people" have fought every civil rights advance in our nation's history. You name it, and The People have been against it, regardless of what it is.

Do you realize before Truman integrated the military, people claimed black men didn't belong in the Navy because they couldn't swim? Or before the Tuskeegee Airmen, blacks couldn't fly planes because the African eye stops working at night? I know: "jmo, you're fucking kidding me." I wish I was. People really thought these things.

The only way anyone's ever gotten civil rights is for those rights to be forced upon an unwilling public. Five years later, most people forget there was a problem.

The poem 'It is the soldier" disturbs me

It is my duty as a veteran to bring up this odious poem. You've seen it: "It is the soldier, not the journalist, who has given us freedom of the press." And other such lines.

By this logic, the bigger the army is the more free you are, and North Korea with a million men under arms is the most free country on the planet.

The biggest threat to freedom and the American Way of Life is the Republican Party. We know this because all the freedom-sapping legislation of the last 40 years started with them. Our soldiers can't protect us from one of our own political parties.

It is the Constitution, not the soldier, that gave us all those freedoms...and they were tacked on as an afterthought.

I don't get why anyone here is aghast at the conditions at the VA

If the Republicans ever regain a significant amount of power (that means both houses of Congress, or the executive branch), the first five words out of their mouths will be "We Must Privatize The VA."

You know that's what they're working up to. They're doing it to the post office now.

Let's update Monopoly

The first obvious change is pricing: does anyone REALLY think they can buy a whole street in Atlantic City for three hundred bucks?

But there need to be more cards added, like...

"Hostile Takeover."
You have decided to do a Hostile Takeover. Move your token, either forward or backward, to the closest property owned by another player and purchase it for its Mortgage Value using only cash on hand. If the property has Improvements, you must purchase the complete Color Group and all Improvements at their Mortgage Value. If player cannot afford to complete the Hostile Takeover he must forfeit his assets to the owner of the property landed on and leave the game.

Today's clueless Republican

Since this is Idaho, the chances of this person not being either a Republican or a "Republicans are too liberal for me, but I vote for 'em anyway" unregistered voter are kinda slim. Back to the story.

I had to go out today to buy a new mop head for work. On the way back I stopped at a red light behind a brand-new RAV 4 with a "Save A Whale - Boycott Toyota" bumper sticker on it.

I just saw Godzilla and I have a question about it

It is a very good movie. Go see it. And if you can, see it in IMAX 3D.

The performances by the humans are kinda formulaic and forgettable - which is probably why the whole cast contains one actor you've ever heard of before, the great Ken Watanabe - but let's get down to basics: no one in their right mind goes to a fucking Godzilla movie to watch high art or heartfelt drama by human actors, they go to watch Godzilla kill huge, evil Japanese monsters. By that standard, this movie is a runaway success. (And in case you're wondering: no, they didn't put the Blue Oyster Cult song anywhere in the film.)

The question: how soon will it be before either Rush Limbaugh or someone on Fox "News" complains about the evil liberals in Hollywood shoving huge amounts of anti-nuclear propaganda into Godzilla, not realizing that anti-nuclear propaganda is and always was the sole reason Godzilla exists?

How every question to the Benghazi Star Chamber needs to be answered

"As already determined by the previous ten US government investigations of the Benghazi attack..."

Did Tesla intentionally pick this street for their Seattle store?

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