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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,398

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Opening Day! How's your team going to do this year?

Sadly, the Mariners will not reach the heights of their neighbor.

Some work off my new camera

I got a new camera in January. I had to put some film through it to make sure it works before I take it to Seattle in April, because I don't want to take an untested camera and I don't want to also take my F4. I finally got good enough sky to use it...

Body: Mamiya 645 Pro TL with Automatic Exposure prism finder and motor drive
Film format: 6 x 4.5 cm on 120 film (15 shots per roll)
Lens: Mamiya 105-210mm "ultra low dispersion"
Film: Kodak Ektar 100. I've been really happy with it in 35mm, and it also works nicely in 120.
Scanner: Epson V500 with VueScan

Coeur d'Alene Lake, from the Boardwalk. This was actually made in near-darkness with no meter reading. I used f/22 aperture and held the shutter open 30 seconds on the Bulb setting.

Not sure where this is, but it came out okay. Not real fond of my scanner right now, tho...

This would probably look better with duct tape...

Big negatives for big runoff.

...big rocks.

...and big guns.

It works well enough for me.

Idaho fundamentalists are deep in their Bibles tonight

The night-time Pick 3 lottery numbers for tonight are 6-6-6.


The far right's use of the Gadsden flag predates the tea party

I bought a new used medium-format camera right after New Year's. I send the film to Kansas for processing because it's less expensive to do that and Dwayne's Photo is the best C-41 lab in America. I also had a roll of film I shot at the 2003 antiwar protest in Fayettenam, NC, so I added it to the order. (I have no idea why I kept this film unprocessed for that long.)

This picture was on the roll from 2003. :

Declared teabaggers didn't exist in 2003, but right wingers were using the symbols associated with modern-day teabaggers then.

14-year-old boy kills father, brother

Don't read this unless you have a very strong stomach. This shit is fucked up to extremes.


Please tell me this is the name of a famous Air Force general


Fairchild Air Force Base just opened its new $13.5-million headquarters building for the two aerial refueling units tenant at the Eastern Washington Base. There's a sign out front. The street address of the building is on the sign.

"1 East Bong Street."

Is Obama Derangement Syndrome really delayed Bush Derangement Syndrome?

With the exception of Obamacare, most of the crap the Republicans are ripping on Obama over are actually Bush's sins...all the vacationing, the golfing, being a dictator...is it possible that they were as pissed at Shrub as we were, but saved their abuse for the next Democrat to come along?

The current rain delay is sponsored by the new movie Noah.

Just announced on the Bristol race broadcast.

Watch the government's WWII pro-hemp propaganda film

During World War II, the US government made a movie to convince farmers to grow hemp for the war effort. This is it:

Do you remember Payne Stewart?

Payne Stewart was a professional golfer who died aboard his personal airplane, a Learjet. The plane lost cabin pressure and just kept on flying until it ran out of fuel...at which point it just fell out of the sky.

Now that we have reports the plane transmitted engine-health data to Rolls Royce four hours after its last known transmission, could this plane have suffered the same fate as Payne Stewart's?
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