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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,434

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Let's change up Ida's fun game a little

Some rich benefactor has promised to pay all your living expenses and bills, give you $100 per week stipend for incidentals, and give your boss money so you can work all the overtime you want.(Don't get stupid and say you'll work twelve hours a day with no days off. I've done it and it will ruin you quick.) In exchange, you agree to have all the money you earn for a period of one year into an interest-bearing account. On July 1, 2014, you can start using the money.

If you had a year's salary to do what you wanted, what would you do?

Does Novak Djokovic look more than slightly like Paul Ryan?

This is Novak Djokovic.

He made the fourth round of Wimbledon today. I saw the guy's picture on the AP feed, which motivated this thread...

This is Paul Ryan.

The IRS needs to stomp on this Tea Party dream quick

John Aglialoro, who got rich enough making fitness equipment that he could afford to indulge his vanity making bad movies, has greenlit the production of Atlas Shrugged Part 3. It will be unloaded on the world next October, just in time to affect the election.

Since Part 1 lost almost its entire production budget and Part 2 even more than that, it's safe to assume they'll have to pay exhibitors to show Part 3 and hire audiences to see it.(Maybe they'll just go straight to video on this one; it seems to work for the Death Race sequels.)

Back to this catastrophe: since the first two movies lost money, assume this will too. Can't the IRS declare this shit "an activity not engaged in for profit" next December?

Is there not one working, full-blooded, Native American actor in Hollywood?

Could they not have cast Johnny Depp as The Lone Ranger, because people like him a lot, and an actual Native American as Tonto?

A bill to end the Republicans' dreams of a Mexican wall

1. Any construction of a wall, fence, ditch, moat, ravine or other fortification of any kind intended to be constructed between the United States and any sovereign nation will be funded entirely by tax increases.

2. The sponsor of any legislation to construct any border fortification listed in the preceding paragraph will include a list of the tax increases in the legislation.

2a. Any tax increase package proposed must include an increase in the Inheritance Tax of at least 10 percent and must convert all individual taxpayers with gross income over one million dollars to a flat tax with no deductions at the highest marginal rate on all income earned or unearned from anywhere in the world.

3. Any cost overruns incurred in constructing the fortification will be funded with tax increases, which will be enacted prior to the commencement of the additional work.

4. At the conclusion of the border fortification project, all revenues produced by the tax increases described in paragraphs 2 and 3 shall be diverted to the reconstruction and/or replacement of bridges in the United States, and to the construction of a minimum four-lane bridge or tunnel between Ketchikan, Alaska, and Gravina Island, so as to fulfil the original agreement made between the government and the people of Alaska when Ketchikan's airport was constructed.

What this country needs is a good 25 cent rubber

Did you know rubbers are $12 a dozen now?

And did you know it's almost impossible to buy them in packs of less than 12 now?

I think one of the big reasons for so many teen pregnancies is the logistics of buying rubbers. Everyone knows rubbers help prevent pregnancy...but would you want your mom to find a box with seven rubbers in it in your dresser? It's too expensive to throw away eleven buck-apiece rubbers, and condom vending machines in places teens go are getting scarce. So the kids fuck unprotected...and as Yenta the Matchmaker said, from such children come other children.

How about rubbers packed like candy bars so they'll fit in a snack machine, coupled with social engineering...and this time address the girls. We've been trying to get boys, but guys don't use them without incentive..."rubber off? Panties on!" Or something like that...you ain't wearin' it you ain't gettin' it.

There's something a bit unsettling about Snowden's girlfriend...

This is a picture of Lindsay Mills, Edward Snowden's girlfriend:

Now, this is a picture of Edward Snowden:

This just may be old MI suspicion rearing its ugly head, but really pretty girls like Ms. Mills tend to not date ugly guys like Mr. Snowden no matter how much money they have. Especially since this particular ugly guy doesn't seem to be able to keep a job. Those girls tend to prefer really cute guys who'll make their girlfriends jealous.

As a doubled agent, he could have been assigned her for a number of reasons.

What I'm saying is, Snowden looks like a spy to me. This is a HELL of a lot deeper than you think it is.

Five weeks to vacation.

Going to Seattle to take photos. (I have 25 rolls of film in the freezer and I'm gonna use 'em...)

I am going to shoot for a whole week without getting the Space Needle or the Pike Place Market in any frame. (On Day 1 I AM going to the Space Needle observation deck and shooting the town from up there.) Are there any "best kept secrets" I need to know about?

What are the Patriots going to do with Tim Tebow?

My first inclination is they'll waive the bastard before the regular season starts. Especially if Tebow's fans start demanding he be made starting quarterback.

Other than that...tight end?

Idaho GOP considers bringing back the smoke-filled room


One of the acts of Idaho's last legislative session (there are 105 members of the Idaho legislature, 20 of whom are Democrats) was to pass a bill authorizing a state-based healthcare exchange. The rank-and-file Republicans are unbelievably pissed about that; they wanted the legislature to pass an Obamacare nullification bill, not an exchange.

In retaliation, the state's Republican Central Committee is considering requiring the Idaho Secretary of State to only put Republicans who have been approved by a Republican committee - state and federal-level officials will be approved by the state Republican Central Committee, state legislative candidates will be approved at legislative committees, and local candidates will be approved by county committees.
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