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Tim Tebow's first post-Jets job offer


The Omaha Beef, an arena football team, has offered Tim Tebow a "standard player contract" of $75 per game.

James McNear, the Beef's quarterback, says Tebow "can learn a lot from him." McNear has a 70-percent pass completion ratio and 11 touchdowns this season...as compared to none in Tebow's stint with the Jets.

Jets waive Tebow after one season


How did George Jones last this long?

The Republicans SERIOUSLY fucked themselves with the FAA thing

Back a couple months ago, when we passed the very modest tax cuts on the rich, the Republicans were all running around talking about how that now just enough of them fell on their swords to keep the country from falling into default, the Democrats were going to have to give them huge entitlement cuts because, after all, fair is fair.

They may have wanted huge entitlement cuts; what they got was exempting the FAA from the sequester. Oh shit.

Across-the-board cuts were a stupid idea in the first place. There are a lot of posts on here about how the rich needed the FAA cuts to end...probably so their private jets wouldn't be affected. Well gee guys, tell a little girl whose new kidney is two time zones away, a family going to Walter Reed to visit one of George Bush's victims or a hundred factory workers in Minnesota who won't work tomorrow if a critical machine part doesn't get here from California by 9 am that air service isn't important. The reality is that everything the government does is important to someone.

Where does the "6000 Years" number come from?

Your Young Earth Creationist will tell you the earth is six thousand years old and not a day older. Where, please tell, does that number come from?

Is there a particular reason they did this?

This year at least, International Stoner Day and Record Store Day fall in the same 24-hour period.

It's got to be the way the calendar falls, right? Because no one would think to commemorate the long-playing record jacket's primary modern-day role as a handy place to clean your weed, right?

I have been doing some thinking about Fred Phelps...

It seems our friend Mr. Phelps is slightly homophobic. That can't be good.

It also seems that Mr. Phelps enjoys disrupting funerals.

Now...would it be possible to assemble a group of men all across the land who would promise to travel to Phelps protests close to them, stand in front of Fred, and French kiss with great zeal until the Phelpses leave?

Refuges for stranded liberals?

In a couple of years, the only two reasons I'm still in Idaho will be gone and I will be able to go too. But where?

What I am looking for in a new home:

1. Either east coast or west coast.

2. I like cities.

3. An hour or less from an ocean.

4. No farther south than Philadelphia on the east coast; Washington or California on the west coast.

5. I can find work so that's not a huge concern.

Right now I'm planning to get the three licenses you need to work in a day spa (massage, manicuring and esthetics) and am looking at Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston as possible homes.

Many people would say stay where you are and try to fix it. This state can't be fixed; it gets more broken every day.

How to stop unnecessary wars

1. The president may send troops to combat for 30 calendar days. If by the 31st calendar day Congress has not approved the war, the troops come home.

2. All wars must have names. The word War must be in the name.

3. Only members of the Department of Defense may go to war zones. If Congress approves a war they will also approve authorizing the Defense Department to raise endstrength and the Selective Service System to draft troops.

4. There will be no draft exemptions for able bodied persons. Each county has a draft board. During wartime the members of these draft boards will be moved to distant states to keep them from deciding the banker's son is just too frail for war, and oh I need to borrow $500.000 for that new combine...And all adult children of elected officials would be conscripted on the first day of the war.

5. The Defense Department will review every company in America to determine how much of its production goes to the military, either directly (they make end items for the military) or indirectly (they make parts that go into end items made by other companies). Any company with roughly two-thirds of its revenue derived from the military (to keep a company from saying 64 percent isn't two-thirds) for the six months before the war starts will be called a defense contractor. During wartime defense contractors become part of the government. They won't pay taxes but they will operate on a break-even basis and no employee, officer or director of a defense contractor may receive total cash and non-cash compensation greater than that received by the commander of the 101st Airborne Division.

6. The war cannot be fought with borrowed money. Taxes will be raised to pay for war.

How many bullshit wars would be fought if congressmen had to raise their constituents' taxes, send their own children to the infantry and force their campaign contributors to take 90 percent pay cuts?

Does NAMBLA actually exist?

The Republicans love to inject the North American Man-Boy Love Association into every discussion of Non Family Values Approved Activity...whether the discussion is about gay marriage, abortion, or whatever, a Republican is sure to mention NAMBLA.

Now think about what NAMBLA claims to be: specifically, a club dedicated to giving adult men the right to have sex with underage boys. Their motto is "sex before eight or else it's too late."

Now for the reality here: Sex with underage boys is not only illegal, and there's no way it will ever be legalized, but the thought of it disgusts people. Men have sex with underage boys but those men wouldn't join a boy banging club because if its headquarters ever got raided, which you know it would be, every name on the rolls would be sent to law enforcement. You know the act of belonging to a boy banging club would be sufficient to convict on pedophilia charges..."if you aren't having sex with minors, Mr. Smith, why are you a NAMBLA member?"

So I have a deep suspicion this NAMBLA is a figment of the GOP's imagination, useful for shutting down debate. If someone says they approve of gay marriage or something, accusing them of also supporting NAMBLA is enough to end the conversation immediately..."because you support gay marriage (read that with an "eeuw, disgusting" tone to your thoughts) you must also support sex with boys" and of course the conversation ends immediately because denying you support pederasty only means you really support it.(Yes, wingers are that stupid.)
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