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Do they sleep with it?

Assault rifle owners will tell you one reason they want it is if someone breaks in in the middle of the night.

Anyone who's been to basic training will tell you the only way an assault rifle is going to help you in an invasion is if you've got it in bed with you with a full magazine locked, because burglars won't give you time to go to the closet for it.

The really scary part of this is, there are people paranoid enough they'd do this.

Four words that prove teabaggers don't care about liberty

These four words have never passed the lips of a teabagger: repeal the Patriot Act.

Deep reflection time: what's "rich"?

We all want to tax the rich? What IS that?

There is "rich" and "wealthy." Wealthy just means you have a high net worth.

I believe you need three things to be rich.

First, you need enough money that it's not a controlling factor in your life. This is a hard number to pin down because everyone is different. Some people can be here making $25,000 per year. Other people could make $250 million a year and still be controlled by their money; Mitt Romney and Donald Trump come to mind.

Second, more than half of your income is from investments.

And third, your lifestyle wouldn't be diminished if you stopped working.

This doesn't take a huge amount of money. And high income could preclude you from being rich - earn $1 million from work, $500,000 from investments, and your lifestyle would radically change if work went away.

What disease is treated with homeopathic asshole?

I'm not kidding...go to http://www.skepticnorth.com/2012/08/the-long-list-of-absurd-health-canada-approved-homeopathic-medicine/ and look at "muqueuse anale," a homeopathic preparation of rabbit anus.

They also have homeopathic crude oil.

There are seven states with no restaurants

The federal minimum wage law has a loophole big enough to drive a serving cart through: tip credit. Because waitstaff receives gratuities from guests, the feds allow restaurant owners to pay the workers less than minimum. Ask any restaurant owner and he'll tell you: you couldn't survive in this business without tip credit.

This is why there are no restaurants in Alaska, California, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oregon or Washington, the seven states that don't allow tip credit.

Need a job? Can you weld?

We're running this ad right now, and some of y'all might be just the people for the job.

Imerys Minerals California has multiple openings for a union Maintenance Worker. The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

welding skills, rod and stick
diagnostic/problem solving ability
fabrication experience
electrical skills with preferable experience in a manufacturing environment

Requirements include routinely lifting at least 50 pounds.

Work schedules may consist of rotating 12-hour shifts, required overtime, and working weekends and nights.

Job offers "competitive salary," medical, dental and vision benefits, and a "great pension plan."

Applications only accepted online: http://www.imerys-filtration.com

The movie you know you want to see

I know Tarantino doesn't do derivative projects...but you KNOW that the minute you left the theatre after seeing Inglourious Basterds, you wanted to go right back in and see The Life and Times of Hugo Stiglitz.

How can we actually stop abortion?

The right wing wants to ban abortion.

They have always wanted to.

But as they'll tell you if you suggest banning something they like...gun magazines that hold a whole 750-round ammo can, maybe...banning something won't get rid of it. Abortion being something they want to get rid of, how will they proceed?

First, they'll want all pregnancies registered.

Because women who don't want to keep it won't register, every woman will have to report for monthly pregnancy tests.

And they'll have to report weekly until it's born to ensure they're still pregnant.

Because other countries will still have abortion all women trying to leave the country will be tested. If you're pregnant you can't go. Better hope your plane ticket is refundable.

Because birth control causes abortions* no woman can use birth control.

And surgical sterilization aborts babies yet to be conceived* that will be banned too.

This is the thing: if the government can do this to "those women," why can't they do it to you?

* I know it doesn't but try telling them that.

Hugh Bowman will lose, and deserves to

Hugh Bowman is the 75-year-old soybean farmer who bought beans at a grain elevator, planted them and is now at the Supreme Court in a patent infringement case.

Most of the media is talking about this sweet old grandpa who is so set in his ways he still uses a rotary-dial phone, tilling his little plot of land and fighting the good fight against the evil soulless corporation.

Here's the rest of it: Bowman plants Monsanto seed. He signed the standard contract that stipulates you can only plant seed containing Monsanto genetics if you buy it from Monsanto. About a decade ago, he decided to plant a late-season crop. He knew there was significant risk in this decision so, in mitigation, he went to the grain elevator, bought a dump truck load of soybeans and planted them, in clear violation of the contract he signed. He theorized this seed might be Roundup-resistant so he tested it by spraying the crop. It was.

Then he did it again for seven more years. He even bragged about doing it to his Monsanto rep.

So far, he hasn't managed to convince justices of either political persuasion of the merits of doing what he promised not to eight years in a row.

Many years ago we got the case of Canadian canola farmer Percy Schweiser, who was sued after Monsanto seed blew into his field. Bowman is different: he signed a legal agreement not to do what he did, then did it anyway.

This is really a contract law case and the potential results are far reaching: is a contract a valid legal document? If the court sides with Bowman they will nullify every contract outstanding in America today.

The last time they handed down a ruling that stupid we wound up with Ted Cruz and Steve Stockman. They won't do it again.

(No link because I can't copy and paste from Android, but Huffington Post has a good article and so does the AP.)

Benghazi looks like the GOP wants to Saddam Obama

Last decade, the neocons decided they wanted Iraq. They had no reason to so they created a story from whole cloth that Saddam had chemical and biological weapons. They then used this lie to the fullest - "if you don't think he has WMD then tell us where his WMD are and "destroyed in the early nineties" is the wrong answer."

Now they want to impeach Obama over Benghazi, so they are holding up nominations until someone tells them something they can use.
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