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The difference between healthcare.gov and the Republican Party

Healthcare.gov can be fixed, will be fixed and is being fixed right now.

None of which is true about the Republican Party; they are in fact making it worse and celebrating their success in that field.

Maybe they should have worded this a bit different

We're running a classified ad for a motorized-lift recliner, which helps you stand up when you press a button. The ad says:

"Nearly new overstuffed electric chair."

Here we go again, same old shit again

In tomorrow's paper will be an article with the subhead "Republicans make 'Obamacare' their next target"

Uhh...hasn't killing first the bill and then the law been the Republicans' only reason for living since the 2008 election was called for Obama?

Ted Cruz made a name for himself...

I got an AP wire service photo...the caption they attached to it, which probably won't be in any paper, reads "Ted Cruz made a name for himself by leading the tea party charge toward shutdown."

Unfortunately for him, the name is "mud."

Has anyone here heard of the "Ocean of Life Foundation"?

Tip O'Neill once said, "All politics is local." This is a post about local politics.

Coeur d'Alene, ID, is having a city government election this year. Up for grabs are the mayor's chair, three seats on the city council and a couple other seats I don't remember right off the top of my head, sorry. There are two candidates in the mayor's race anyone cares about: Mary Souza, who is really far to the right, and Steve Widmyer, who is a centrist. (In this town, that makes him Che Guevara.) Souza has a history in city governance, and it's not pleasant: she was kicked off the Planning and Zoning Commission several years ago for being an asshole, and brags about it on her website. She was one of the big drivers in last year's attempt to recall the mayor for building a park Mary Souza didn't want without first holding a meaningless (and, as it turns out, illegal - according to Idaho code, only bonds can be put to public vote) "advisory vote" that, from what I see, she probably would have lost.

Back to the intent of this post: We were going through the candidates' campaign finance reports last week and discovered a $1000 contribution to Mrs. Souza from the "Ocean of Life Foundation." We naturally questioned this because it's an out-of-town donation and none of us had ever heard of this group. We fed "Ocean of Life Foundation" into Google and got a lot of stuff about marine biology. Next thing we know we're getting calls from someone who claims to be the president of the foundation telling us to lay off the candidate. And I'm like, what the fuck? Anyway, you can read what we know here:


My first thought is, it's some kind of fundamentalist group, just from the name. The people we found who vaguely remember them claim they're hardcore Republicans and that the group is one guy and his church, so there's at least slight confirmation.

We don't know and they won't tell us. DU is pretty up on unmasking these kinds of things, so anyone ever heard of these people?

The tea party was killed today

The tea party voters demanded the total eradication of Obamacare even if the nation was destroyed in the process. That isn't happening, so I think the teabaggers will take their balls and go home without voting for congressmen ever again.

Difference between porn for men and porn for women

Porn for men comes from disreputable little shops with fences around their parking lots, and isn't discussed in polite company.

Porn for women spends 62 weeks on the New York Times' bestsellers list, and they're planning to make a Major Motion Picture out of it if they can find enough people who really didn't want to work in Hollywood anymore anyway.

I'm going straight to hell for this one

My waffle mix container is labeled "Instant Republican."

Anyone need a dam job?

This is no shit: "The Grand Coulee Project Hydroelectric Authority has an opening for a regular full-time Hydro Power Plant Operator. Primary work locations are the Summer Falls and Main Canal power plants in the Coulee City, Wash., area. Benefits package includes WA PERS retirement and family health insurance. The starting hourly rate is dependent on qualifications. Must have valid Washington driver's license.

Interested applicants should send a resume outlining qualifications to: P.O. Box 219, Ephrata, WA 98823 by November 7, 2013."

Dear Speaker Boehner: Tea Party politicians can be primaried too

America's Favorite Parrot, John Boehner, is kowtowing to tea party demands by allowing them to shut down the government and threaten America with economic collapse if Obamacare isn't repealed. The demand is simple: do what we want, or we'll primary you.

There are a lot of pre-tea party Republicans in Congress who remember the last time the GOP threw a hissy fit like this, and they also remember the aftermath: loss of Congress for many terms.

It is time for the pre-tea party Republicans to call the tea party Republicans into a room and explain the facts of life: no one's here forever and if you don't want to see the House go Democratic and the Senate majority become filibuster-proof in 2014, quit trying to destroy the economy.
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