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A couple of days ago there was a rather tasteless, insensitive thread...

something on the order of "if we were to literally eat the rich, who would you eat first?"

Andrew Breitbart belongs on the short list.

I don't think the AP likes Newtie very much

In the last three days of newspaper production, I've run two AP photos of Gingrich and two my own photographers shot and all four make him look either psychotic or dictatorial.

I think I have finally figured out Rick Santorum


In early England, hatmakers used mercury when making felt. Mercury absorbs through the skin and, when vaporized, can be absorbed, causing dementia over a period of time.

Santorum comes from a coal-mining state, Pennsylvania. Coal is a popular residential heating fuel there, but there's mercury in it which becomes a vapor when the coal is burned.

People are sensitive to mercury to various degrees. If Rick Santorum is exceptionally sensitive to mercury, and he grew up in a neighborhood where a lot of families had coal-fired heating systems, the mercury vapor in the coal smoke would have damaged him permanently.

Unfortunately for Mr. Santorum, the Americans with Disabilities Act only requires reasonable accommodations be made when integrating a disabled person into a job, and there's no reasonable accommodation that will allow a batshit crazy person to serve as president.
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