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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,735

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I saw an appropriate Halloween costume for the political leanings of North Idaho

A few minutes ago I was driving past the county courthouse (I live across the street from it) and saw a woman crossing the road wearing a sombrero made from aluminum foil.

Hey...a Conspiracy Theorist suit!

Gifts for the handyman in your life

The fake thread motivated me.

Ladies, you probably have a handyman in your life and if you're like 75% of women and 72% of men you are as comfortable in a hardware store as he is in the housewares department. So without further ado...

1. A 1/4" drive ratchet
Every man has 1/4" drive sockets. Most guys try using them on 3/8" drive sockets with an adapter. And most guys routinely twist the heads off bolts this way. A 1/4" drive ratchet is short enough you can't do that.

2. Spray Can Six Pack
Just get a six-pack of beer, take the bottles out and put cans of WD-40, PB Blaster, white lithium grease, Windex,and two other spray products of your choice in it.

3. Huge bag of mechanics rags
Much appreciated because no one ever has enough.

4. The beers from idea 2, above.

5. Rolls of colored duct tape
Most guys like duct tape. It comes in colors othet than silver now.

6. Motivation kit
Every so often you just can't get things to go in, so a five-piece motivation kit containing an Estwing 20-ounce framers hammer, a 3-pound engineers hammer, a dead blow hammer, a ball peen hammer and a rubber mallet will be highly appreciated.

Mitt Romney claiming he's a businessman...

Is like a man who runs a chop shop claiming he's an auto mechanic.

How fucked is Romney anyway?

This is a photo from Tuesday's rally in Henderson, Nevada:


Note: no backdrop, no huge sign, just a little placard on the podium. His campaign usually dresses up the stage real pretty, and this time it didn't happen.

The policy we can't afford another four years of

Romney likes to say we can't afford another four years of President Obama's policies.

What we CAN'T--no matter who is in the White House--afford any longer is the policy of congressional obstruction.

The House of Representatives wrote, and passed, and forwarded to the Senate, thirty-three bills repealing the Affordable Care Act. This Congress has been in session for 22 months, which means they've issued more than one Obamacare-repeal bill a month. Consider that for a second: Obamacare is this president's signature achievement, and the Senate has a Democratic majority. There is no way in hell one of these bills would be either approved by the Senate or signed, but they keep sending them up. Between repealing Obamacare, naming federal buildings--the only thing besides Obamacare they seem to have the passion to try--and investigating the Obama administration, the House has had scant time for any other work.

In the Senate, it's worse: bills that under Clinton would have sailed through, since Clinton had a Senate that didn't filibuster everything, are dying with majority support. There are bills that were taken up in the pre-teabag Senate, received 58 votes, and failed. The Constitution doesn't demand a supermajority to pass an ordinary bill, but our Republican minority, who claims to love the Constitution more than anything except maybe Jesus and campaign contributions, requires it.

It will be as bad for Romney. All the wonderful things he talks about like slashing taxes and the extra $2 trillion in defense spending have to get past this dysfunctional congress.

If Congress can't figure out it works for the people who elected them, not just Grover Norquist, this country is screwed.

My favorite part of the debate

was when the President had to explain to the failed governor of Massachusetts what aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines are.

How many times can he mention the unemployment rate?

How the hell is DUKE bowl eligible?


The most important thing to come from the debate

Mitt Romney has a hair trigger. And he is never wrong.

Forget binders. Forget Benghazi. The decisive moment for me was when Candy Crowley asked him, "if for some reason your numbers don't work..." and Mitt was all, "but the numbers DO work" and started going off on the travesty that someone might think Reaganomics 3 will be as big a disaster as 1 and 2.

Mitt's problem is you can jerk his chain real easy, and guys like the Iranian dictator and whoever the number two at Al Qaeda is this week are going to try it. He also has a Congress full of people who are not going back to their districts and telling their constituents the fallen bridge won't be replaced because Mitt needed his taxes cut.

Did that dumbass just call for an increase in H1B?

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