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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 37,675

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Seahawks: "As a team, we have decided we will not participate in the National Anthem"


As a team, we have decided we will not participate in the national anthem. We will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of color in this country. Out of love for our country and in honor of the sacrifices made on our behalf, we unite to oppose those that would deny our most basic freedoms. We remain committed in continuing to work towards equality and justice for all.
The Players of the Seattle Seahawks

Yes, Virginia, Trump is planning to kill the CSB

The US Chemical Safety Board is the government agency that's investigating the Arkema peroxide plant disaster. They have a $12 million budget, they do a hell of a lot of good...and in Trump's proposed budget, they will be no more.


Among the things they have done...

The West Fertilizer Company blast

A hazmat collection facility in Apex, NC

A solvent factory explosion in Kansas

One about the hazards of nitrogen...

Meet P. Barnes. The man. The legend.

This is from the county I live in.

If you're not reading "Phoebe and her Unicorn," you really need to start

Start here: http://www.gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2017/07/19

My paper has been running this pretty much since it began, and it's an absolute delight. Artist Dana Simpson chronicles the adventures of Phoebe, a little girl who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her parents, an aging hippie father who works in IT and an artist mother. In the first week of strips, Phoebe accidentally hit a unicorn in the head with a rock. The unicorn, whose name is Marigold, grants Phoebe one wish. Phoebe wished for Marigold to be "her new best friend." Now Marigold is the straight man...well, straight unicorn...of the strip.

Some things I think you'll like...

* It is very well-drawn. There are features fifty years old that don't have the quality of draftsmanship Ms. Simpson displays.
* It's funny.
* The artist challenges you. A couple weeks ago, she ran a "camping trip" story arc in which we meet her best friend Max's parents. Max has lesbian parents.
* The dad isn't an idiot or an obnoxious oaf like almost all comic strip fathers are.
...oh, and Dana Simpson is transgendered.

There are worse decisions in sports than signing Tebow

It seems the Atlanta Falcons are spending a billion dollars to construct a new stadium. That stadium's concessions will include the famous Georgia restaurant Chick-fil-A. This restaurant, like all Chick-fil-A restaurants, will be closed on Sundays.

Which just happens to be the only day the Falcons are open.


The RWers pissed off the wrong people here...


The "Detroit Right Wings" and "Muskegon Minutemen" militias are using the Detroit Red Wings' logo in their Twitter feeds. The Red Wings are NOT pleased...and they have lawyers.

Now that Trump has declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency...

...we really need to know how he's going to profit from it. The First Underpants Gnome wouldn't cross the street unless there were a stack of $100 bills taped to the lamppost. He's running the White House as a profit center...so...what does he plan to get out of the deal, and how will he accomplish it?

Conjecture time: Why did The Mooch only last ten days?

Mine: He attempted to overthrow Trump. "Yeah, Donnie Two Scoops...you might think you're the president, but you're really not. I am now. You'll do what I say, sign what I say, say only what I tell you to say, and not tweet unless I say you can. I control you. I am your new master now."

Not even Trump could stand that.

Question for DU's lawyer contingent

Does immunized testimony protect against perjury?

No For Instances here. If the Senate brought either of Trump's sons in on a subpoena and immunized their testimony to compel same, then started asking very pointed questions about Donald, Ivanka and Jared, and they perjured themselves to protect the family, what effect would it have on them?

After Seatgate and Foolgate, I don't want to hear the word "snowflake" ever again

"I showed up fashionably late for my airplane flight and someone else was sitting in my seat. So I'm going to spend the next three weeks complaining about the airline."

"You made a dessert called Orange Fool? I'm a-gonna kick your ass for hating on our president!"

Question for all: Which has a thinner skin?
A) A Trump supporter from Vidalia, Georgia


B) An onion from there?
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