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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 35,859

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Question about ACA repeal

Is there a possibility Trump is trying to ramrod the repeal through so he can sign it on the podium at Friday's coronation, while Obama is standing there to see it? Trump hates Obama so badly he'd do it just as a fuck-you to him.

With Trump in office, there will be no anti-bullying training in the schools

Be real: How can we go to our kids with a straight face and tell them bullying is bad after putting that...that THING...in the White House?

Kodak to re-introduce Ektachrome in 4Q2017

For those of us who love working with slide film, this is great news:


Kodak will produce EKTACHROME at its film factory in Rochester, N.Y., and will market and distribute the Super 8 motion picture film version of EKTACHROME Film directly.

Kodak Alaris, an independent company since 2013, also plans to offer a still format KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film for photographers in 135-36x format.

1/21 marchers, memorize the phone number of someone who can bail you out of jail

I hate to have to say this, but I think our un-American soon-to-be temporary president will try to have anyone marching against him arrested and put in jail. If they do that to you, the first thing they'll do is seize your cell phone. If you don't have the phone number of at least one reliable person who can come get you out of jail memorized, you're screwed.

Folks, you knew this was coming


They sell urinal mats with all the features a good urinal mat should have: fresh lemon scent, "poetic" Chinese manufacture, and a full-color, full-bleed, "horrific" picture of Donald Trump's ugly face. $12 for one, or a 10-pack for $60 in case you want to leave them in public restrooms...

Gowns of the First Ladies

Betty Ford

Rosalyn Carter

Nancy Reagan

Barbara Bush

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Laura Bush

Michelle Obama

Melania Trump

If you got elected president, what would you want to be sworn in on?

Most presidents have been sworn in on the Bible. Trump, if DU is to be believed, will swear his oath on a tattered copy of The Art of the Deal. What book would YOU like to be sworn in on?

I would be sworn in on The Constitution.

Idaho fundamentalists attempt to get abortion declared First Degree Murder


"What we're asking Idaho to do is make abortion illegal by its statute and disregard the federal court's opinion (in Roe v. Wade in 1973 that established a nationwide right to abortion)," said Scott Herndon, a homebuilder from Sagle who said he's among about 25 people who organized the proposal.


"In circulating the petition, we get to declare that the value of human life is from conception to natural death and it is because we are created by an almighty and loving God who made us in His own image," Herndon wrote in a letter to churches. "It is also our hope that we truly do abolish abortion here in Idaho and finally establish justice for the preborn.

"If a woman faces the very real consequences of a first-degree murder penalty, we are confident it will act as a deterrent to abortion."

I know these people, and when they want abortion banned, they want it banned in ALL circumstances. Pregnant woman gets in a car crash and won't survive unless the fetus is removed? Sorry dude, if that happens the doctor, all the attending medical staff, and the woman will all be tried for first-degree murder.

Our new site allows you to log in through Facebook to comment. Have at it, folks!

If your kid plays football, have him watch this video

This is the Seahawks' tackling video. That team is big on tackling with their shoulders, and they update this every couple of years.


The note I sent to the National Archives and Records Administration about Trump tweets

In http://www.democraticunderground.com/10028403414 I pointed out that Trump's tweets will be Public Records that'll need to be retained. This is the letter I sent this morning to the NARA asking that it be done:

Many government officials communicate with the public, and probably with other government officials, via Internet-based social media accounts. The president-elect, Donald Trump, is famous for his heavy use of Twitter. If tweets, Facebook posts and other social media contacts made in the course of an official's public duties are not currently considered "public records" subject to records retention law, they should be.
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