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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 35,843

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Has anyone seen Killer Mike recently?

For a while he was everywhere; now he's nowhere to be found.

It's 9:01 p.m. Pacific time. As of right now, in the CA primary...

Hillary Clinton has 873,302 votes.
All the Republicans put together have 777,540 votes.

Today in History: Ten Cent Beer Night

Forty-two years ago today, the Cleveland Indians decided to prop up attendance at one of their games against the Texas Rangers by offering 12-ounce cups of beer for ten cents. Fans were allowed to buy six beers per purchase, with no limit on the number of purchases per fan. The result was nearly as disastrous as the Indians were that season.


Check out the US Chemical Safety Board's YouTube channel


It's full of investigations of major industrial mishaps. Very informative, extremely well done. If this doesn't piss you off about the GOP, nothing will.

Post your derisive nickname for Trump!

Trump is a classic bully. And one of his favorite tactics is to screw with someone's name. So far we've heard Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, and probably a few others I don't recall.

Two can play at that game.

My vote: Mafia Don.

Laugh of the day: Chuggo Poetry Reading!

Why doesn't the Burlington College website mention the college is closing?

I have gone through the whole thing just today. There's not one word about the announced fact Burlington will close at the end of this semester.

Bernie needs to send a $27 tip to Ted Cruz

If OusTED were still in the race, a large portion of the roughly 40 percent of Bernie's voters who will vote for Trump in November would have voted in the GOP primary instead...which could have put Bernie into break-even/slight loss territory.

How do BOTH candidates miss their targets?

According to Nate Silver, Bernie's WV target was 17 delegates and Hillary's was 12.

According to Google, Bernie got 16 delegates in WV and Hillary 11.

Have you gotten the feeling Sanders' plan isn't actually meant to help the lower classes?

Anyone with a grain of brain has to know the people who are really going to get raked by Sanders' tax structure have the financial means to get the hell out of the United States, and this may be his ultimate goal.
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