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Member since: 2002
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We better prepare to run against Ben Carson in 2016

By then, he'll be the only big-name Republican who isn't named Bush and isn't in jail.

No joke: Michael Sam Signs With Cowboys


"Former Missouri Tigers’ and St. Louis Rams’ player Michael Sam was forced to wait after being released from the Rams’ final roster on Saturday. Sam, who’s attempting to be the first openly gay NFL player, was signed to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad on Tuesday afternoon.

"The Cowboys are lacking at the defensive end position after placing DE DeMarcus Lawrence on Reserve/Injured-returnable list on Tuesday. Lawrence will be eligible to return after week six, but for now, Sam is expected to compete as a practice participant for an opening on the defensive line."

Your congressman sucks. My congressman is the greatest guy on earth.

Well, my congressman is Raul Labrador, who is more worthless and weak than one of Neidermaier's cadets. But read this whole thing before replying.

Everyone knows Congress has an approval rating somewhere between Idi Amin and head lice. And logically all of them should be replaced at the next election with...I dunno, the first 435 names in the phone book. I predict that come January, pretty much the same Congress we have, at least among the ones who didn't retire, will be sworn in. And I further predict the seats of retiring congressmen will stay with the party that has them now. There will be a few seats flip, but probably neither house will.

The reason is simple: People like THEIR congressman. I don't like Louie Gohmert or Darrell Issa, but I can't vote for them. People who can vote for Issa seem to be okay with his antics.

The only possible "wave" will be if the voters flush out the tea party congressmen en masse. Those guys were supposed to fix everything...instead, all they did was propose budget-killing tax cuts and try to repeal the same law 60 times. Otherwise, the composition of Congress will be similar to now.
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