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NASCAR postpones Atlanta, Homestead races



The Dow closed today at 21,200.62.

The Dow closed on Election Day 2016 at 18,332.74.

That means if the Dow gives back $2867.88, it will have - in the space of less than a month - shed all the gains it made under Trump.

I suspect Wall Street is on the verge of saying, "enough!"

NASCAR: Next 2 races to be held without spectator admittance


The races are still on, but only ďnecessaryĒ people - the teams, officials and media - will be allowed entrance to the speedways.

Seattle's Museum of Flight is closed to the public as of 5 pm today

I just received an email: the Museum campus and the Restoration Center are both closed to the public due to coronavirus. Employees are being encouraged to telecommute; those who need to work at the building will be able to. No reopening date is set.

I received another email: all Mariners fans who had tickets to March games will have them refunded.

In honor of baseball season, let's talk hot dogs

1) Whatís your favorite stadium hot dog?

2) Describe the dogs sold at your nearest MLB park.

And to start out...

1) The Martinsville Hot Dog, sold in vast quantities every year at Martinsville Speedway. Steamed bun, bright-red hot dog, mustard, chili, slaw and onions.

2) T-Mobile Park in Seattle (which opened as Safeco Field) serves the worst hot dog in baseball. Itís unconstitutional to not sell hot dogs at ballparks, but T-Mobile Park has such a great food scene they donít want people wasting their palates and stomach capacity on boring old hot dogs. Therefore, they sell you this boiled, bland wiener on a utility-grade bun and have a table over there with ketchup and mustard (and nothing else) to dress the thing with. They donít even have cream cheese, which is an extremely popular hot dog condiment in Seattle. Donít eat hot dogs at Mariners games. If you insist on eating a hot dog when you watch a Mariners game, the road between the Link station and the park has about eight food carts on it, all with hot dogs far superior (and cheaper) to the ones inside T-Mobile.

Beating a moldy dead horse: Hillary ordered to provide ANOTHER email deposition


Larry Klayman, Americaís favorite vexatious litigant, has filed ANOTHER suit against Hillaryís email server. And hard-right sycophant Senior Judge Royce Lamberth has ordered her to provide a deposition.

This shit needs to end. What is this, the 350th time this crap has been dragged into court?

Watch Vicente Fox's entire presidential announcement here

"A lot of people ask me, 'Vicente, how can you be president? You're a Mexican!' And to those people I have three words: Donald. Fucken. Trump. If that worn-out baseball glove tightly gripping a turd can be president...then amigos, anyone can!"

The SEC tracks short selling, right?

Why do I get the impression that Trump is doing everything in his power to destabilize the stock market because he's up to his mushroom in short positions?

NBC reports Tom Steyer has ended his campaign

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