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Cooley Hurd

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 26,730

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Tonight on Dave - must watch!!!!

God damn it. There's the Jimmys. They both rock!

But, for the first time in 33 years, I've got nothing on Dave.

Dave. Feb 1, 1982.

"Barney Google"

What was your first thought when you read that?

Margaret Dunning. 1910-2015 An exceptional person.


Margaret Isabel Dunning (June 26, 1910 - May 17, 2015) was an American philanthropist and benefactor of the Plymouth (Michigan) Historical Museum. She was born in Redford, Wayne County, Michigan, United States.

Margaret Dunning, benefactor of the Plymouth Historical Museum, Plymouth, Michigan, stands at the entrance to the "Dunning Parlor"--one of the Museum's exhibits dedicated to Ms. Dunning. The mannequin inside the room is representative of Margaret at age 30.


Personal life

Dunning is the daughter of Charles Dunning and Elizabeth (Bessie) Rattenbury. Margaret spent her first 13 years on a dairy and potato farm owned by her father, located at the corner of Plymouth and Telegraph roads in Redford Township, Michigan. The 156-acre (63 ha) farm had been purchased by her grandparents, who were original settlers in the area. When Charles died in 1923, Margaret and her mother, Bessie, moved into Redford and later to the village of Plymouth. Bessie purchased property in the village and built the home where Margaret resided. Margaret attended the country school where her father was a student, and was then sent to Dana Hall, a private school in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She returned to Plymouth in 1927 and graduated from Plymouth High School in 1929. She attended the University of Michigan for two years and then studied at the Hamilton Business School in Ypsilanti.

While growing up on the farm, Dunning developed a lifelong love of tinkering with old cars. She restored several old cars that she owned. In 1985, she donated a restored 1906 Ford Model N to the Gilmore Car Museum at Hickory Corners, Michigan. She also donated a 1930 Cadillac convertible to the museum. She still drives one of her cars in the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit each August.
At the age of 102, feeling a need to complete whatever she begins, she applied to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) hoping to complete her bachelor's degree in business. Dunning was accepted, and subsequently awarded a 100% tuition scholarship, provided to her by the Fram Group (which also provided her with free car care products for the remainder of her life).

Professional career
In the early 1930s, Dunning briefly worked making voltage regulators at the Phoenix Mill Ford plant in Plymouth, a Ford Village Industries plant that employed only women. She worked as a bank teller and assistant cashier for the First National Bank of Plymouth between 1935 and 1940. During that time, she was among the victims of a bank robbery. The bank robber, Willard Long, was eventually caught in East St. Louis, Illinois, and extradited back to Michigan. After the First National Bank, she went to work at the Plymouth United Savings Bank for several years.

In 1947, Dunning purchased Goldstein's Apparel on Main Street in Plymouth and renamed the store Dunning's. In 1950, she moved Dunning's Department Store to Forest Avenue in downtown Plymouth, about two blocks away. She sold Dunning's in 1968 to Minerva Chaiken, and the store became known as Minerva-Dunning's.

Volunteer and philanthropic activities

Margaret Dunning in Red Cross uniform, 1943

Dunning's largest impact on the Plymouth community has been in her volunteer and charitable endeavors that began in 1942. From 1942 to 1945, Dunning served as a volunteer in the local American Red Cross motor pool, driving a truck.

In 1947, Margaret and her mother, Bessie, purchased a property and building to house the Plymouth branch of the Wayne County Library System. Because of their generosity, the city renamed the branch the Dunning Branch. Today, the Plymouth District Library, no longer part of the Wayne County System, is housed in the Dunning-Hough Library.

Dunning served on the board of Community Federal Credit Union in Plymouth from 1962 to 1984, and was president of the board for 19 of those years. The assets of the credit union increased from $1 million and one office to $40 million and six offices during Dunning's tenure on the board. The credit union established the Margaret Dunning Scholarship Fund in 1989 in her honor for her contributions to the Plymouth community. She has served on other local boards, including the Board of Directors of the Dunning Branch of the Wayne County Library.

In 1971, when the Plymouth Historical Society was looking for money to build a new museum building, Dunning stepped forward and donated in excess of US$100,000. That donation allowed for the construction of a 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) building to house the historical artifacts of the community. In 1998, the Plymouth Historical Society purchased a sizeable collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia from Dr. Weldon Petz. By this time, the museum was at capacity and had nowhere to store or exhibit the new collection. Again Dunning stepped forward, this time with a $1 million donation to add an additional 9,800 square feet (910 m2) to the museum building on two floors. Dunning is a permanent member of the Plymouth Historical Society's Board of Directors.

In 1997, Dunning established the Margaret Dunning Foundation as a private grantmaking foundation, which also gives occasional grants to the Plymouth Historical Museum.

Dunning was in the first group of 16 individuals inducted into the Plymouth Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Plymouth Kiwanis Club, on August 11, 1980. Others inducted were some of Plymouth's founders and benefactors, including Ebenezer J. Penniman and George Anson Starkweather.

What a human being!!!

Cross gently, Margaret.

Personal story: Eddie De La Cruz has earned his degree!


Eddie is like a big brother to me. When I was growing up, he was a local star with the hometown ball team (The Auburn Phillies-he lived across the street from me then). He effed up his shoulder and his ball career was over, unfortunately. But, he went to work in the local steel mill to support his family.

40 years later, he's received his degree from LeMoyne College.

God speed, my friend!!!!

There's a Bernie Bear!


The coolest thing you'll see this weekend. TMBG doing Chumbawamba's Tubthumping

URGENT - Syria ISIS US Operation (US Special Forces on ground in Syria)

Source: KSPR.com

(CNN) -- U.S. Special Operations forces conducted a raid in eastern Syria overnight Friday to Saturday to capture Abu Sayyaf, a senior ISIS commander, sources familiar with what happened on the ground in Syria told CNN. Sayyaf, who was in charge of ISIS' oil and gas operations and directly and increasingly involved in ISIS command and control, fought capture and was killed in the raid, the sources said. His wife, an Iraqi named Umm Sayyaf, was captured and taken to Iraq for interrogation.

Read more: http://www.kspr.com/news/nationworld/urgent-syria-isis-us-operation/21051646_33058022

(also, "URGENT" is part of the headline)

Two from World War I to get Medal of Honor

Source: CNN

(CNN)Nearly a century after their heroic efforts, two World War I veterans who may have been overlooked for the Medal of Honor because of their respective race and religion will receive the honor posthumously, the White House announced Thursday.

Pvt. William Henry Johnson, of the 369th Infantry Regiment's "Harlem Hellfighters," and Sgt. William Shemin, of the 4th Infantry Division, will receive the award from President Obama at a White House ceremony on June 2.

A Hellfighter from Harlem
Johnson, an African-American man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who was living in New York before the war, is being cited for his actions near Saint Menehoul, France, on May 15, 1918. After suffering significant wounds during a surprise attack, he was still able to force a German retreat through hand-to-hand combat.

The then 21-year-old Johnson and his 369th Infantry Regiment were assigned to a French army command in 1918 because black soldiers were not allowed to serve in combat positions with white American units.

While on night sentry duty, Johnson and a fellow soldier, Pvt. Needham Roberts, were attacked by at least 12 German soldiers.


Unshakeable Shemin
Shemin, a Jewish man from Bayonne, New Jersey, is being cited for his actions in France in August 1918. Shemin repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to rescue wounded troops, the Army said, and later, after his officers became casualties, the sergeant took command of his platoon, displayed initiative under fire and fought bravely until he was wounded by shrapnel and a machine-gun bullet.

Shemin graduated from the New York State Ranger School in 1914 and worked as a forester in Bayonne before enlisting in the Army on October 2, 1917.

Serving as a rifleman during the Aisne-Marne Offensive on August 7-9, 1918, Shemin left his trench, braving heavy machine gun and rifle fire, to rescue the wounded.

After his officers and senior noncommissioned officers were killed in the offensive, Shemin, just 19 years old, took command of the platoon until he was shot in the head and wounded by shrapnel.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/15/politics/medal-of-honor/index.html

Philadelphia Amtrak Crash: Investigators Find Eighth Body, Fire Chief Says

Source: NBC News

An eighth body was discovered Thursday in the wreckage of the Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia, the fire commissioner said.

Commissioner Derrick Sawyer said that search dogs found the body in one of the train's badly damaged cars. He did not immediately identify the victim. Mayor Michael Nutter said that he believed all 243 people on the train were accounted for.

"Unfortunately, again, we must now report that we have confirmed eight deceased from this horrible tragedy," the mayor said.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/amtrak-crash/philadelphia-amtrak-crash-investigators-find-eighth-body-fire-chief-says-n358926

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