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Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
Hometown: Jupiter, FL
Home country: US
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,689

Journal Archives

Ted Cruz won Idaho

Watch Ohio next week

Polls have Sanders down 30, but the polls showed a similar deficit in Michigan. Following what was seen as a terrible debate, and 16 anti-Sanders articles in the WaPo, he won MI.

I'm in Florida, and I don't think he'll win here. So much of the vote is already in (I cast my ballot last week). But he could pull off another improbable upset in OH.

Will Bernie come to Florida?

Our primary is March 15, a few weeks after the so-called "SEC primaries".

I've been hoping Bernie Sanders would come to campaign in Florida. I was able to see Barack Obama three times when he campaigned in Florida.

The public polling done last year has Clinton way ahead, and it's traditionally not been a good state for liberal Democratic candidates. I do hope he decides to make a campaign appearance. Even though FL isn't seen as competitive, there are literally hundreds of events set up by Sanders' supporters to do outreach to Floridians and beyond.
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