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Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
Hometown: Jupiter, FL
Home country: US
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,689

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Why is Floyd Mayweather lauded while Ray Rice is banished?

Roger Goodell was rightfully pilloried for his meek suspension of Ray Rice, and he would be playing in 2 games were it not for the TMZ tape.

However, professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is fighting this weekend on Showtime PPV (owned by parent company CBS) and is guaranteed at least $32 from CBS.


Mr. Mayweather spent nearly three months in jail for domestic assault in 2013, and was given glowing media coverage upon his release. Mayweather is against charged this week, in a civil lawsuit filed by his former partner Ms. Jackson, of similar atrocities.

CBS, a supposedly reputable media outlet, has made Mayweather an executive producer on its promotional series "All-Access" that airs in four installments on Showtime.

I cannot believe that a habitual offender like Mayweather was essentially guaranteed $200 million from CBS over 30 months just months after his guilty plea for domestic abuse.

He can't claim the Nevada courts were biased against him, as they delayed his jail sentence in order to preserve his May 2012 bout against Miguel Cotto.

Many think that the Ravens appearance on CBS's new "Thursday Night Football" was the catalyst for the quick reaction to Ray Rice tape. Not wanting that issue to overshadow their new prize showcase, the league did eventually make the proper decision to ban Rice indefinitely.

Ironically, Mayweather's publicist Kelly Swanson caused an uproar on Twitter today, criticizing the NFL's reaction to the Ray Rice saga while defending her clients history of misdeeds.
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