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Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
Hometown: Jupiter, FL
Home country: US
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,689

Journal Archives

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tony Stewart MAY have murdered someone!


CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. -- Authorities are investigating a serious crash at New York dirt track where a witness says Tony Stewart struck another driver on the eve of a NASCAR race.

The fan says it appeared Stewart hit a driver who was walking on the track after they collided on a prior lap. Michael Messerly says the driver was thrown a great distance. He says Stewart did not appear to be injured.

Unconfirmed reports indicate a 20-year old driver may have expired during the proceedings. News conference should be coming soon.

We'll wait on more concrete details, but this doesn't look good for NASCAR or driver Tony Stewart. I've said the same thing about baseball as I do NASCAR. When dealing with deadly weapons, combatants shouldn't be so cavalier in these types of confrontations. I'm not sure why NASCAR drivers seem to get so physical when dealing with conflict, and in this case Stewart may have even intentionally murdered a rival. (Edited to remove incendiary comment)


ESPN is DEAD to me!!!


ESPN television and radio host Dan Le Batard was suspended for two days after he paid for billboards in Cleveland that mockingly read “You’re Welcome LeBron; Love, Miami” and displayed the two title rings he won with the Heat. The billboards were a sly reference to James’ famed letter to Cleveland, which seemed to thank everybody except for Miami fans and their four years of support. The top line was written in Comic Sans, of course.

Basically ESPN has a guy in Skip Bayless who spent 4 years trolling Miami and LeBron James and he gets his own TV show. Stephen A. Smith defends domestic violence and after much deliberation only gets a 1 week suspension.

Look, ESPN has the right to censor LeBatard's material. Nothing wrong with that. LeBatard made a decision to join the Evil Empire, so he pretty much has to take whatever they throw at him.

I can't believe how awful Cleveland fans have become. I listened to some of their news coverage, and some idiot said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". Self-awareness certainly doesn't appear to be a great strength of their city.

I think it's hilarious. Whether or not James owes Miami a thank you, I could care less. Both sides made out well. People in South Florida have better things to do than attend parties hating on James. You won't see us urinating into toilets with James' face on it. You saw what happened when James left Cleveland. Their franchise was atrocious and got lucky by "winning" the lottery three times. Miami, while not a top contender, won't be relegated to the cellar as Cleveland was in their 4 post-James years.

I'd like to say I'd never watch ESPN again, but unfortunately they have such a monopoly on sports that it would be nearly impossible for any sports fan to take on. Really, the only reason to watch ESPN's original programming is LeBatard and Keith Olbermann.

I'm sure this actually played out well for LeBatard and his show. ESPN will be seen as the side who silences voices and defends domestic violence and sexually harrasses their employees. LeBatard takes a few days off and gets the publicity he wants.
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