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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Bluegrass region
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 59,946

Journal Archives

Which country was the recipient of trump's promise. *Poll*

At Michler's

Great gift youve shared with us. Thank you

I really like the second image. The light was terrific

**December Photo Contest Prelims.** Thread #2

Theme this month: Inside Out

Voting will open Dec 14th. and close Dec 16th

Comments welcomed.

Thread #1 http://www.democraticunderground.com/10028363564

1. "Shall We Go?"

2. "Yearning!"

3. "Wintry Sculpture Garden"
"MOMA - NY. /

4. "The Louvre from the D'Orsay"

5. "California Dreaming"

6. "Say good-by to the City"

7. "Leaving the Arena"

*******December's theme is "Inside out"******

That means, any photo taken from inside looking out. You could be in a house, tunnel, car, or anything that fits your fancy. One rule: you have to show that you are inside looking out by having the window frame, the hallway leading to an open door or window.

Submissions start Dec 8

A must see photo essay

Geography of Poverty.

It is broken down by region. It is heartbreaking, and the photography stunning.


****** September contest theme is, Another Roadside Attraction.*******

Entries will open on September 14, and will run for one week. Prelim voting and final voting will be three days each.

"Roadside attraction" as defined for this contest is, a small independent business along the the roadway. The more quirky and kitschy the better. Keep editing to the minimum. Enjoy

My first attempt at Panoramas

They were processed with Hugin and Gimp. These are just three images each.

More at:


Not sure, but regional names can confuse.

Rely on scientific names.

Yeah, I will see. I have a bit of a sticky mirror. I used my bulb to blow it out, and it

worked well after ten or so activations. I will see if it works on my next roll.
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