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UNC shooting at the Caudill Labs will rile up the Q Anon/anti-vax crowd.

Caudill is one of the labs researching coronavirus in the pre-Covid-19 years and throughout the last 3years. They worked on the development of remdesivir.

Add in the shooter being from the city of Wuhan.

Be aware of this as the Q Anon conspiracy theories will be fast and furious. Republican Congress will add to the drama, no doubt.

From March2020:


By W. Lowry Caudill

CHAPEL HILL – We need an answer for coronavirus in a hurry.

Scientific research generally doesn’t happen in a hurry.

So thank goodness for the work Dr. Ralph Baric has done for the past six years in a secret lab at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Baric and his 30-member team have worked with Gilead Sciences Inc. to develop remdesivir, the drug the World Health Organization views as the most promising to treat the new virus.

Response to Aldean. What most EVERYONE still gets wrong about Floyd protests.

The worst of the violence and destruction at the protests, and ALL the murders of law officers were committed by members of RightWing terrorist groups using the cover of the protests to add chaos. Their intent was to get BLM and antifa blamed, escalate the chaos and tension, and trigger the race war they’ve been working towards for many years.

These terrorists left their ‘small towns’ in Texas, Minnesota, and NC and traveled to Minneapolis to start a civil war with black protestors taking the blame - blamed as they were blamed in Aldean’s video.


A man who had been part of a far-right group that wants to foment a civil war admitted in federal court Thursday he traveled to Minneapolis from the San Antonio area to sow chaos after the police murder of George Floyd.
Ivan Harrison Hunter, 24, of Boerne, Texas, pleaded guilty to a single count of rioting. The charge carries a maximum prison term of five years.

Hunter admitted that he fired 13 rounds from an AK-47-style rifle into the 3rd precinct police station on May 28, 2020, as other rioters looted and set fire to the building after police evacuated. No one was struck by the gunfire.

After shooting at the building, Hunter was recorded on video high-fiving another person and yelling "Justice for Floyd!”….

Prosecutors say Hunter came to Minneapolis in the days following Floyd’s murder after corresponding on Facebook with Michael Solomon of New Brighton, Minn., and Benjamin Teeter of Hampstead, N.C. The men had been part of the “Boogaloo Bois,” a group that exploits tensions to further violence.

GeorgeWBush, HunterBiden, and Republican Party's 2-Tiered justice.

As a drug-addicted fortunate son, Hunter acted foolishly, sometimes criminally - used heavy drugs, alcohol, hung with strippers and hookers, under-reported income to dodge taxes, and constantly tried to score money-making deals while high as a kite and while his father was VP.

It didn’t bother Republicans one bit when George W Bush acted that same way in the 70s and 80s.

Republican voters didn’t think GWBush’s decades of bad behavior rose to any disqualifying level in politics or governance in 2000.

Republicans made Bush President.

Hunter is facing charges.

Republicans are hypocrites. Remind them at every opportunity.

Mr blm wants to share one of his favorite old school style

funk grooves. He found this band a couple years ago and it’s been his go to ever since.

Youth vote should know what Dominionist Republicans have in store

for this country. I think once this Supreme Court strips all the barriers of church and state, it will be more like what happened in Iran in the 70s.

Iran shortly before theocracy took full control of the nation:


Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was quite a different country from the one we see today. It was secular, Western-oriented and allowed a fair amount of cultural freedom. After the revolution, Iran turned into an Islamic state abiding the Sharia law. This not only changed the country’s foreign relations, political climate, and economy but also the lives of common people, not to mention how it changed the women’s role in the new society.

It might seem unbelievable today, but Iranian women of the time before the Islamic Revolution also took a modern approach when it came to 70s fashion. They would dress up just like their Western counterparts and would even show some skin. These vintage magazine scans give us a rough idea of what a woman could wear at that time.

Online auction of comics and art: Al Ramirez, Butch Jackson Guice.

Some rare collectibles.


Oldtime DUers, remember 'baby' blm?

Graduated App State. Next, masters courses in Museum Studies. In Italy.

Ukraine's no more Nazi than the US. Spreading Putin's propaganda is lazy-minded.


Ukraine is no more "Nazi" than any country that has its small number of misfits who admire Adolf Hitler and form fringe groups and gangs based on those views. Ukraine has its groups like the U.K. has the neo-Nazi organization Combat 18, the Scandinavians have the Nordic Resistance Movement, and the United States has the Aryan Brotherhood.

With absolutely no proof, the Kremlin's war propaganda created the absurd narrative that Ukraine is a full-fledged, World War II-style Nazi nation that needs to be "de-Nazified" as justification for its brutal full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Just like in many places around the world, people with far-right and neo-Nazi views, driven by their ideology, are prone to joining the military and participating in conflicts. One also has to take into account that in Ukraine, nationalism with deep historical roots is tied to a desire for independence from Russia. It has driven many to take up arms to fight in what they believe is an existential war against a neighbor that seeks to subjugate and destroy their country.
Among them, people with far-right views.

This feeling was very real back in 2014, in the early days of Russia's war in Ukraine's eastern Donbas. Ukraine's military was deeply disorganized and disoriented. Ultra-nationalist and far-right groups were among the many others that organized volunteer battalions to fight Russia's invasion in the east.

But as with any country, real neo-Nazis in Ukraine were and still are a tiny minority.

Janis Ian auctioning her guitar for Folk Alliance.'34 Gibson L50

“I have a super-sweet 1934 Gibson L50 up for auction. 100% of the funds (less auction costs of course) will go to benefit Folk Alliance International.
The guitar can be signed and personalized if you prefer; it'll ship from my home. This is a great deal - you can read more about the guitar itself (and bid, please!) by following the link below.
FAI's mission is to preserve, protect, and present folk music. Their goal is to sustain the community and genre worldwide.
Thanks in advance for your interest, and please pass it on.”


GOP represents the new nanny state.

GOP represents the new nanny state. They want to tell us what we can and can’t do. They only oppose government regulation if it protects the environment or people’s rights. They are fine with regulating the medical industry and the clean energy sector. They’re fine with government telling schools and teachers what they can teach. They’re fine with government denying people easy access to the ballot.

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