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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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Global climate change is not the "elephant in the room".

It's the wooly mammoth in the phone booth.

You simply CAN'T ignore it.

If, in the alternative fact world, "an apple is a banana", "Trump is a genius", and

"the January 6th window breakers and cop assaulters were just tourists", then sure, inflation equals "RECESSION!"

Personally, I have just barely---most of the time---been able to manage my own life and

will freely admit that I have no business making important life-impacting decisions for others.

I guess that's why I am a Democrat.

ADDENDUM: What I had in mind by "important life-impacting decisions" were personal decisions like what religion we SHOULD practice or whether a pregnancy should be terminated. We all make decisions for our children or elderly relatives and some of us have jobs where our decisions impact others, but none of us should be insisting that our decisions are the only correct ones.

Succinctly, I just meant to suggest that "MYOB" is a pretty good philosophy and would cure a lot of our ills.

Republicans---how long will you remain on the "Trumptanic"?

It is down by the bow, the engine room is flooded, compartment walls are being overtopped and it is just a matter of time before it sucks under everyone who refuses to abandon ship.

Rescue is available. The "S. S. DECENCY" with Captain Joe at the helm is standing by to haul you out of the frigid waters--- but you have to "make the leap" and leave the deranged Orange Admiral to his fate.

The props are above water now and your vessel will soon break apart and slide away. What's a little temporary embarrassment to riding it down?


I think these lotteries---Mega-Millions and such---are discriminating against folks like me

just because we never buy a ticket!

Isn't it obvious?

Trump really has reason to fret.

Despite all the cash he will get
When he stepped on the course
He looked like a horse
That'd been "rid hard and put away wet"!


OMG! The Democrats passed a major bill to insure American-made high quality computer chips AND they are on the verge of passing a scaled-down but still huge version of President Biden's Build Back Better request!

OMG! They did not even pretend to kiss Mitch's ---- ring.

Well, the responsible adults in the Republican Party know how to respond to that! They'll just kill the same important and long-overdue veterans benefits bill that they overwhelmingly voted for last month!

For good measure, maybe they'll scuttle the legislation to preserve same sex marriages!

What's next? Falling to the floor kicking and screaming and then holding their breath till they turn blue?

Senator Ha-ha-Hawley has ---snort!---written a book entitled---hee-hee-hee!---"Manhood"!

( I'll pause here so everyone can catch their breath-------------- okay----- )

So, why not expand this into a Republican series of such titles?

Trump's Sharpie scribbling would, of course, be called "Truth";

Pence's offering could be "Leadership";

Cruz's tome would be "Integrity";

Taylor-Greene could tell us all about "Eloquence";

Jordan could write a learned essay about "Civility";

Graham's book would have to be titled "Consistency";

McCarthy could educate us about "Courage";

and, of course, Gaetz would be the best one to expound on "Morality".

Silly? Hey, ----- if Hawley can sell a book about "Manhood", nothing is "silly" any more!

If the AG asked me how he should treat Donald Trump, I'd quote Donald Trump:

"---be tough and be nasty and be mean---".

Ordinarily, I'd say "Straight from the horse's mouth", but that came from the other end of the horse.

FORGET the polls. Too many can conclude that "my vote isn't necessary" if our polls are "good".

Too many can conclude that "my vote is useless" if our polls are "bad".

Even the best polls have been very wrong at times and the real purpose of some polls is manipulation, not prognostication.

VOTE a straight Democratic ballot--and lean on every friend, co-worker and family member to do the same.

Carry on.
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