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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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So, how long after the last shovel full of dirt gets tossed over Trump's "Truth Social" ( "managed"

by Nunes ) before Devin runs for a House or Senate seat?

Is it not just this simple?

If you still really believe the 2020 election was stolen, you are an idiot.

If you don't really believe it was stolen, but keep SAYING that it was, you are a despicable political whore.

Either way, I don't want to breathe the same air as you.

A note for CBS about their new hire, Mick Mulvaney:

his suit and tie are a sort of "camouflage".

You see, more typical attire for those in his profession would be a sequined tube top, micro-miniskirt and four inch heels---and what most would consider too much make-up. It is a cliche, I know, but some actually do frequent the waterfront, lean against lamp posts and say things like "Psst---hey, sailor---want a date?"

Just want you to know "what" you just agreed to let contribute to your "political commentary".

Overheard outside a fictional caucus meeting: "So, here's the strategy: if we can get away with

ignoring a 7 hour a 37 minute 'gap' in the Trump White House phone logs on January 6th, then we just totally ignore the whole day---January 6th did not happen! PERIOD!

When the Dems try to crucify us with their hysteria about 'JANUARY 6TH! JANUARY 6TH!', we'll just say 'There was no 6th in the month of January that year! All true Americans know that!' We say it loud and again and again and again!

If the American people don't care about erasing 7 hours and 37 minutes, they won't give a tinker's damn about the rest of the day!"

Rumor has it that when Trump was once asked if he'd read "The Prophet", he responded

"Sure, I've read all those business and finance books!"

For most people, a nominee's "judicial philosophy" is some vague indecipherable something that

Senators say is important---and that's it; that is the extent of their concern about it. They may favor a nominee who agrees with them about guns, gays and abortions, but they really have no understanding of terms like "living Constitution" or "strict constructionism".

And, some of the Senators who are furrowing their brows and solemnly announcing that they are "studying Judge Jackson's judicial philosophy" also have no grasp of the concept and would not recognize a strict constructionist if one bit them on the ass.

Such incompetents know that they dare not say they won't vote to approve because "she's a woman" or "she's black" or "she does not worship Trump". So, they avoid stating how they will vote and deflect with "I am carefully examining her judicial philosophy" right up until they vote NO" because she's a black woman who doesn't worship Trump.

This is a Hoot! You're gonna love it! Are you sittin' down?

McCarthy---hee-hee-hee!---and other Republican---sno-r-r-t!---"leaders" are afraid that Madison Cawthorn's recent---tch-tch-tch!---spew about---OMG!---being invited to drug-fueled ORGIES in DC might-----( gotta catch my breath! ----------)---DAMAGE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY'S REP-YOO-TAY-SHUN!!!!!!

------I TOLD you it was a HOOT!

This opinion will be worth at least what it is costing you.

The unprovoked slaughter of innocents in Ukraine can ONLY end in one of two ways.

EITHER someone in Russia will "remove" Putin and his cadre of hardliners and withdraw OR the new Ukrainian leader ---after President Zelinsky is assassinated and uncounted tens of thousands of Ukrainians killed by Putin's missiles, rockets and artillery---will agree to trade Crimea and everything east of the Dnieper river for a "ceasefire".

If Putin is still in power, he will have eastern Ukraine's natural gas and wheat fields plus access to a warm water port.

I hate it. It stinks. I hope I am totally wrong.

But, that's the way I see things today.

How would you feel if you went into a car dealership to purchase a new vehicle and were told

that you only had three choices: a frugal small car with 20 standard features, an ordinary medium-sized car with the same 20 features PLUS 27 more or the super-zoomy "full size" luxury model with every feature and option ever offered in any auto anywhere? And, those basic 20 features included on all the choices include whitewall tires, curb feelers, plastic seats and a standard transmission, none of which you want.

And, how would you react if, after picking out a new pair of dress shoes, the salesman told you you'd have to also buy three pairs of socks, a suit, two dress shirts and two ties if you wanted the shoes?

And, what if restaurants only served baked potatoes with steaks, only asparagus with salmon and only rissoto with chicken? And Roquefort was the only dressing offered with the iceberg lettuce wedge served with every meal.

Tell me again why I have to pay for a quilting channel, a jewelry channel and a knife channel if I want to watch MSNBC, CNN and NPR?

We just got a new ( renewed ) credit card---same credit card #, but NEW "security code#" and, of

course, expiration date.

We use this card for MANY recurring charges---utilities, etc---. They have our info on file and automatically process the chargd and send us a receipt. Unless someone here has a better way, we now have to contact each and every account and delete our current card info and register our new info. Seriously, this will take at least a day, but we don't want "late charges" because our "new" card has been refused and we thought the bill was paid.

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