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Does anyone seriously doubt that, as they read this, plans have already been made by

The Dark Side to contest each and every midterm race they lose in November?

The margin of loss will not matter. The nonpartisan and transparent management of a race will not matter. If the "R" lost, the election will be labelled "rigged" and the litigation and evidence-free accusations will ensue.

We may not know which party controls Congress before baseball's spring training begins.


If you truly want to retake control of both houses of Congress so we can impeach and convict Biden AND Harris, there's just one thing we need to do: GET OUT THE VOTE !

Mark your calendars NOW and encourage your friends, family and CO-WORKERS to do the same: NOVEMBER 9TH IS ELECTION DAY!

If we ALL go to the polls on the 9th, this nation will be saved from catastrophe! I absolutely guarantee that!

So, right now, get a red felt tip marker and block print "V-O-T-E!" across NOVEMBER 9TH on your calendar. Let's "git 'er done!"

An awfully damned inconvenient truth:

the attitude of a very significant percentage of those paying any attention at all is now "I don't want to hear about 'new evidence', further 'investigations' or 'slow but methodically'. If those we all know are traitorous criminals are not very soon arrested and prosecuted, 'no man is above the law' is a goddam lie and our democracy is lost!"

To deny that that attitude is significant and growing is akin to saying that an approaching tsunami will somehow go away.

So far, DeSantis has stopped just short of saying "There's never been such a quick

recovery from a disastrous hurricane as we've seen under my leadership!"


I hope someone among the interviewers today was thoughtful enough to offer

Ginni a nice cold can of Coca-Cola.

Most of us would feel sympathy for someone whose home was destroyed by an arsonist. But,

if we learn that the arsonist had told the homeowner he intended to set the fire and the homeowner simply watched as the firebug splashed gasoline around his house, again stated his intent and then started the destructive fire, I think the consensus attitude might be "Well, 'DUH'! what did you expect? Why didn't you DO something?"

Political "arsonists" have told us repeatedly that they intend to burn our democracy to the ground.

They have already passed statutes in 20 or so states that will assist them in their effort.

They have nominated candidates for state offices that oversee elections who have pledged to insure that their party always wins.

Trump's court is about to decide a case which could virtually hand total control over election outcomes to his cult.

Well, "DUH!" If we don't "do something", "what do you expect" to happen to democracy in America?

DeSantis needs to be careful when he sits down after this presser. He has so much

lipstick on his ass he may just slide right off his chair!

"Let It Be", abbreviated, would be "LIB". Coincidence? I think not. nt

So, are Hitler and Mussolini "OK guys" now? If I were to compare someone to either of those

men, I would intend it as a serious insult, but I think many Republicans would consider the remark a compliment.

Ms Miloni, just apparently selected as Italy's new leader, is a flat-out unapologetic in-your-face fascist. Her political party was founded the year after Mussolini was executed and hung upside down in Milan for the purpose of "preserving his legacy". Mussolini's granddaughter is a member of this party.

Yet, Ms Miloni is a Trump pal, spoke at the most recent CPAC gathering and Republican luminaries like Taylor-Greene and Boebert are pleased as punch that she was elected.

So, you see, I suspect that if a fascist like Miloni is now considered a swell person --- even a role model --- maybe Adolph and Benito are about to be recast as "conservative heroes who were ahead of their time".

Thus, my question at the beginning of this post: are Hitler and Mussolini now "OK guys" as far as Republicans are concerned?

Though the calendar still says "September", we are definitely in October's dooryard.

This next month will provide breathtaking color on wooded hillsides, crystal-blue skies filled with vees of southbound geese, a pollen-ending frost and the season's first fire in the fireplace.

Shorts, tees and flip-flops will be replaced by jeans, flannel shirts and boots.

Grass mowing will give way to wood splitting.

Wind chimes, lawn chairs and potted plants will be brought inside while bird feeders and the wood crib resume their outside winter places.

There are mowers to winterize, sweet potatoes and horseradish to be dug up and apples to pick.

And, at least so far as I know, I will be healthy enough to enjoy it all.

Is it any wonder October is my favorite month?
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