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Atticus's Journal
Atticus's Journal
July 1, 2021

Having watched and listened to the Trump Oganization attorneys---one man, one woman---

lie through their teeth and whine about the "political" nature of the 15 felony counts against Weissenberg, I have just one question: how in the world do these people sleep at night?

July 1, 2021

Most are familiar with the "frog in the pot" example of how a temperature increase of just a degree

or two each day in the pot of water eventually boils the frog to death. The frog does not hop out and save himself because each increase, in and of itself, is small and insignificant. The cumulative effect of these numerous "insignificant" warnings is what eventually proves lethal.

There is a similar effect from the dozens and dozens of arrogant and totally incompetent or downright stupid Republicans who take part in our governance---and I'm not even including "the former guy".

If Louie Gohmert was an aberration, an outlier on some embarrassing outer fringe of the GOP, he could be safely laughed at and ignored. But, Louie is just one of a stampeding herd of ignoramuses that now ARE the GOP. You will recognize each of the following names and you'll agree that they are disgusting. But, you just might be terrified when you consider their cumulative effect:

(in no particular order)----

I am sure I have omitted several whose mere mention triggers your gag reflex, but the above list is sufficient to illustrate my point. While each of those are, in and of themselves, "deplorable", taken as a group which accurately characterizes the current Republican Party, they SHOULD scare the snot out of each of us!

This is NOT "normal".

These people are NOT "OK".

We do NOT have to accept this transparent hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy.

These are NOT "nice" people and we should not waste time with niceties.

The water is boiling.

June 30, 2021

Have governors ever assigned their state's National Guardsmen to other states? I'm not talking

about a POTUS calling Guardsmen to assist in the aftermath of a hurricane or other disaster.

Has a GOVERNOR ever deployed their Guardsmen to another state for ANY reason?

June 30, 2021

When I was about ten and resented having to weed and hoe and water our large family garden,

I remember vowing that when I grew up, I would NEVER eat any vegetables that didn't come out of a can.

Tonight, we're having creamed peas I picked from MY garden this morning while they were still hanging with dew. They are the "Little Marvel" variety; the same kind my Dad planted over 60 years ago.

We planted Little Marvel peas, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, Golden Bantam sweet corn and Vardaman sweet potatoes. Detroit Red beets, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce and Brandywine tomatoes filled the rest of the garden.

It amazes me that I still recall all those varieties, but I suppose years of planting, harvesting and eating them sort of engraved those labels onto my mind.

Root crops were buried in a makeshift "cellar" constructed each fall when our canna bulbs were dug up and stored away. Potatoes, turnips, beets and carrots were usually retrieved by me as needed throughout the winter---even when it required scooping snow.

I thought my Dad was mean to make me sweat in the garden when there was baseball to be played and fish to be caught, but I think of him often with glistening eyes as I plant seeds with names I learned from him.

Gotta go make those creamed peas.

June 30, 2021


------uh-h-h---------"camera" and------------ooh, that last one is a toughie!-----uh-h-----------uh-h------------PICTURE!---no, not picture-----------------"TV!"

"I have a great mind!"----Donald Trump.

June 30, 2021

It occurred to me recently that I could easily spend several million dollars---if I had that much.

It just so happens that making millions is a piece of cake these days. All that's necessary is a bit of imagination and a determination not to be restricted by quaint notions like "truth", "decency" and "reality". So-o-o----------

I am considering launching a pay-to-read blog which will explain EVERYTHING to EVERYONE who can afford the subscription fee (the amount of which has yet to be set as I am still in the process of gauging just how stupid people can be). But, you are in for a treat, because I am about to give you a FREE preview of the sort of unassailable bloviating and totally unmoored speculative blather which will spur the self-tattooed traitor worshippers among us to nod their bobbleheads in unison.

Charlie Manson is alive. He and JFK Jr,---oh yeah, he's still with us, too---are about to preempt Donald Trump's much-ballyhooed August "reinstatement" by announcing that they are entering the '24 presidential race as a tag-team in which they will take turns being POTUS and VPOTUS. They will announce their candidacy by bungee jumping in tandem from Lady Liberty's torch on---of course---the Fourth of July!

Charlie and John-John have already won the nomination of their party, the Supernatural Immortals Party (SIP) by drinking more bong water than any other contenders. Timothy Leary finished just behind them.

Asked about their vision for the country, Charlie replied "Of course I have visions! The Beatles White album lays them all out if you just believe and get naked and----" The rest was lost as he strolled off into the Joshua trees. Asked if he had anything to add, John-John just murmured "What?" and then smiled that smile.

That's what's gonna happen. I am in regular contact with Oliver Wendell Holmes and Frederick Douglas and both concur in that prophesy. You surely won't discount that kind of corroboration, amiright?

For more of the "straight poop", watch this site and send me lots of money, okay?

June 30, 2021

When I heard Rep. Scalise criticizing the Select Committee to investigate the January 6th

insurrection as "partisan" and refusing to say that his party would even participate in the Committee's investigation, it reminded me of something I'd seen and heard before: "little Bobby", a spoiled-rotten child of my parents' friend who would whine, kick, scream, cry and flail around on the floor any time he did not get what he wanted as soon as he demanded it.

Once, after Bobby and his mama left, I heard my mother comment to my father that Bobby had learned that he could "get away with" being a brat and would never change until he was made to "pay a price" for his behavior.

I think the same can be said about "little Stevie".

June 28, 2021

In anticipation of some of the RWNJs I expect McCarthy to appoint to the Select Committee

being created to investigate January 6th, I have a suggestion.

One of the first tasks for the Democrat-majority Commission should be "Rules" to govern how the members will proceed and specifically, WHO IS ON CHARGE, how members may PROPERLY participate and WHAT WILL BE DONE WITH DISRUPTORS and those who repeatedly interrupt or otherwise delay the proceedings or seek to interject matters not relevant to the scope of the investigation.

I suggest that disruptors be admonished once and then removed from the room for one full day.

I'm sure others more experienced in these matters can improve on the above, but that's a start.

June 27, 2021

It is my understanding that DeSantis has just signed into law a statute which "requires" college

students and faculty to be "surveyed" about their "political views".

My first question: what happens if your response to the survey is "pound sand!"

My second question: if their jobs or scholarships or grades depend upon "answering right", will not most learn to give Hannity-like responses?

June 27, 2021

There are people here on DU who are not as smart as I am.

There are people here on DU who are smarter than I am.

Though I too often fail to do either, it is my intent to be kind and patient with the former and listen to and learn from the latter.

I'm sure the good folks here will remind me of the above when I am either disrespectful or especially obtuse.

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