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You may think I'm making this up but, unfortunately, this is all true.

In Illinois---so far---three Republicans have announced their decisions to run for governor.

The first to enter the race was State Representative Baliey, the Trump-worshipping,home schooling anti-masker from a county which, until recently, was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as home to a Klan-like white supremacy group.

Next, former State Senator Schimpf threw his hat in. Analysts are undecided whether he is more like Trump or former one term governor Bruce "Ruiner" Rauner, who recently made the national news for contributing $250K to Florida governor DeSantis just before most people in his gated community got their covid vaccine while "regular" 65 year olds went without.

And, now, admitted Trump wannabe political neophyte Rabine hopes to be "70%-80% as good for Illinois" as Trump was for America. Country club owner Rabine crows that Trump did more to reduce unemployment than any president in his lifetime.

This is the GOP in Illinois. No responsible person would entrust their goldfish to any of these guys, let alone their state.

Illinois Democrats: call, canvass, write LTEs, donate cash if you can, Get Out The Vote.

Let's re-elect our Governor Pritzker.

Remember "V", the mid-80s TV series about alien humanoid lizards that invaded earth?

They looked like us, talked like us and were accepted by us as ordinary humans. But, every now and then, they'd feel compelled to slip into an alley and hide behind a dumpster whie they gobbled down a live rat.

"They walked among us" and those who discovered their true nature were repulsed and frightened by them. And, that's pretty much how I feel about the people who STILL support the monsters---Trump, DeSantis, Hawley, Kemp, Cruz, Taylor-Greene---on and on------.

I have no illusions about "working with" these creatures.

I don't want to associate with them.

I resent being told I should try to "understand their point of view".

I am at war with these beings who are so alien to everything and everyone I hold dear and surrender is not an option.

"I'm not a pedophile/cannibal/mass murderer, but I support the right of others to be one!"

What would you think of someone who made such an outrageous statement? Would not just being in the same room with them make your skin crawl? Would you even consider voting for them?

Republicans say they resent being characterized as lying idiots, but they cheerfully accept the likes of Johnson and Gohmert.

Republicans claim they're offended by being called fascists, but they've never criticized or disciplined Cotton or Cruz or Jordan.

They insist they support our democratic government while standing behind Hawley and Boebert and Taylor-Greene.

And, the GOPers huff and puff and stamp their little feet if someone even mentions dishonest hypocrisy, but they continue to empower shameless liars like McConnell, McCarthy and Graham to speak for them.

"Birds of a feather---", folks. "Birds of a feather---".

During the 12 years ending in 1997, we in Illinois were privileged to be represented in the U.S.

Senate by Paul Simon. A man whose intellect was exceeded only by his consistent integrity, the "man in the bow tie" became known as "the conscience of the Senate".

I think we now have another "conscience of the Senate": Reverend Warnock of Georgia.

If it is right, moral, kind, generous and compassionate, count on Senator Warnock to support. And, count on him to fearlessly stand with "the least among us" without regard to who or what seeks to prey on them.

Just my opinion, but I feel pretty confident in it.

Just a suggestion---I emailed Coca Cola at their Atlanta headquarters and told them that as long

as Georgia had that Jim Crow anti-voting law and they chose to remain there, I would be drinking rum and Pepsi. I suggested strongly that they use their "Big Money" to twist---or break---the necessary arms to insure fair elections in their "home state".

When money talks Republicans always listen.

It's gray and cool here in southern Illinois today, but the apricots are blooming,

the elderberries are leafing out and the rhubarb is poking through the leaf mulch. We'll hang out the first hummingbird feeder next week and admire the magnolia in full bloom by then.

Next month will see morel mushrooms and honeybees nuzzling blooms everywhere.

I am grateful I had parents who taught me to appreciate nature and the seasons.

"Hey---JOE! Damn it! MY issue is more important than ANY other and I am a good

Democrat who voted for you! THEREFORE---if you don't drop everything else on your agenda and by God, take care of what I need RIGHT NOW, you will have failed in my eyes!"

That about says it, doesn't it? Isn't that the attitude of some of our fellow Democrats?

Aren't we ignoring President Obama's advice: "Don't let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good"?

We all have our priorities. I believe Joe wants to address all of them.

But, all of them can't go first.

Let's quit handing wedges to our opponents by making public statements about our "disappointments".

I understand that the Georgia voting restriction law just signed by Kemp in Georgia

makes it a crime to provide water to someone standing in line to vote.

What about soft drinks---soda or Gatorade, etc.? If I hand a ginger ale to a parched citizen standing outside in the sun in line to vote, will I violate the law?

OR, what if I don't actually hand a bottle of water to them, but just smile and set one on the sidewalk near them and walk away?

OR, how about if a bunch of us just give thirsty people a drink and stand ready to get arrested? Would the ACLU or SPLC represent us?

This Jim Crow inhumanity has pissed off this old white guy! We must do all we can to resist it.

Serious question: does FOX have any actual journalists or reporters? I know they have

"personalities" and "commentators" and "anslysts" and "consultants", but do they do anything more than mouth their own biased opinions about news that resulted from the observation and digging of journalists with other media houses?

Are they just bloated parasites or do they have a crew of reporters that they keep hidden?

If you thought Barack's tan suit was embarrassing, wait till you hear this:

At his press conference today----Joe had NOTES!

Seriously, FOX----that's all ya got? I know you are used to a White House resident who prefers ignorant stream-of-consciousness blather that made Palin seem downright eloquent, but the overwhelming majority of this nation actually prefer thoughtful, honest, and straightforward remarks from a POTUS who is an unpretentious and decent man.
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