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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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It's a beautiful October day here in Little Egypt and jeans, flannel shirts and boots are

the uniform of the day.

Hard frosts and freezes forecast for the coming week, so dug sweet potatoes, pulled and stripped all remaining pepper plants. The only plants left are the hoseradish and a small patch of arugula.

Winterized most outdoor faucets and brought in all the hoses except one which I will use to "final wash" the tiiler and one mower next week. Expecting new rhubarb crowns that I will plant as soon as they arrive. I have already tilled some compost into the plot where they'll go. Planting the rhubarb and digging horseradish after the first killing frost will wind up this year's gardening season.

I have confess that, as I take in the gorgeous fall colors against this blue sky, it does cross my mind that this could be my last October; my last garden; my last walk with my wife.

If it is, it is. All I can do is savor my today and hope I will have a tomorrow.

A mug of Earl Grey on the porch sounds good.

Have a good one.

It's a shame that when Trump showed himself at tonight's Series game, someone didn't start

a "Country Joe" cheer: "Gimme an F--------"

Some things I really do not want to hear from anyone:

"We don't dare indict/prosecute/imprison Trump because---

--- that would result in violence all over the nation as his followers revolt!

---that would further divide our country!

---that would justify a future Republican majority's prosecution of their Democratic predecessor!"

I have much the same attitude about any of the criminals who served in his regime or participated in the January 6th coup attempt.

If we allow the threats of punks like the proud boys, oath keepers and three percenters to prevent the punishment of the Trump Traitors, we do not deserve to survive as the nation most of us were blessed to be born in.

Mr. Youngkin, sir, tell us please---how does it feel to be endorsed and supported by

a loose cannon who doesn't dare speak face to face with the folks you're asking to vote for you?

Hm-m-m? Howzat make ya feel?

A couple questions for parents concerned getting vaccinated may make their kid infertile:

Who ties your shoes and wipes your butt?

How do you find your way home when the birds eat all the bread crumbs?

I supported McGovern and Bobbie and Teddy and I'm still proud of my Bernie button.

That said, I urge the progressives in Congress to vote for the pending bill and THEN let Manchin and Sinema take full responsibility for the fate of Build Back Better.

Doing so will not be seen as cowardly; it will be seen as realistic and patriotic.

The source of Republican "facts" has been discovered: MSU

They just "Make Shit Up".

DEMOCRATS vote for Democrats in every election. "Democrats" vote in presidential

elections (unless the party nominates a woman).


"He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount"---Chinese proverb.

Trump is not a tiger, folks. You can just get down and walk away like you did when the mechanical "horsey ride" at the mall ended.

The pony required quarters to function. Trump requires blind adoration.

The horsey didn't follow you home and attack you when you stopped "feeding" him. Neither will the Trumpy tiger.

Just walk away.

An open letter to Marjorie Taylor-Greene:

Have you ever heard the old saying--- "What's good for the goose is good for the gander"? Well, ma'am, I have been paying attention to your approach to politics, especially how you deal with those with whom you disagree and I believe it is time that you drink from the cup you filled.

Why do you Republican nazis hate beagle puppies? No---no---don't start that whiny "What are you talking about?" bullshit! You know damn well that you sadistic warpos regularly skewer living beagle puppies and roast them alive to serve at your fund raisers!

And, why do you even need fundraisers since you have already printed billions of dollars worth of counterfeit Ben Franklin's at that printing factory you THINK you have concealed inside Mt. Rushmore. Did you think no one would notice the air traffic delivering cargo to Abe's left nostril and hauling "contributions" from George's ear?

When---"Margie"--- are you going to reveal your true identity as a reptilian alien whose mothership is in an orbit in which it is constantly concealed by our moon? Do you really think no video exists which shows you sneaking behind a dumpster in an alley to snarf down a live rat? Can you possibly believe we can't tell when you've just shed your skin?

So, before we respond to any of your transparently false and shamefully (look it up) ignorant accusations and smears, respond to those.

P.S.--- How'd that joint "fundraising" effort you tried with Li'l Mattie Gaetz go, hm-m-m? Hahahahahahahaha!
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