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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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If you ever---recover you mind---if that's something---you can ever find--whoa-oh-oh-oh

Q-anon, bring it on home to me

And if you ever---wise up to Trump---

And get tired of being his chump---

Whoa-oh-oh-oh---bring him to me---

Perp walk him back to me

'Cause I had him pegged from the jump.

Not my best effort but, Cuba Libres own my brain.

( On a totally different subject, if you have not gotten into Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Voodoo Child" while in an altered state of consciousness, you have no real idea what "high" means.)

Trump's glare, Gaets' smirk, McConnell's myopic tortoise stare---all bring Robby's verse to mind:

"O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!"

There has never been a better example of the term "red herring" than MTG.

She is a transparent attention whore and is not worth ANY more news coverage until she is in handcuffs.

"Starve the Beast".

A modest proposal: in furtherance of a "50 states" policy in our party, could we identify

progressive activists in the districts of each Republican who voted to overturn the Biden victory?

These people could tap the locals the likely already know to write lots of LTEs, throw up a local website, organize signage and demonstrations and get interviews with local spokesmen on local radio and TV.

Posters, bumperstickers, tees and caps---repeat "This traitor must go!" as many times and in as many ways as possible.

Addendum: I believe there is enough passion out here to make this a totally volunteer effort. In some cases, modest funds might be needed to defray printing expenses and the like, but I think there are locals who would pitch in for that. I would. IOW, this would be run on enthusiasm, not cash.

I have a response to Lindsey's whining about how we may conduct Trump's trial---ahem!----


Remember that one, ace?

In many ways, the most disgusting thing about the Trump sycophants is their cowardice. It is

embarrassing that so many of the people who are counted among our leaders have been so frightened and intimidated by Donald Trump that they have walked away from all that their party claimed to stand for and abandoned even the pretense of decency, honesty or patriotism.

These people have no shame, but I am ashamed for them and of them. If these were truly representative of America, our nation would be doomed to a swift demise. But, they are not .

They are loud and they are outrageous in a way that often dominated the news cycle, but most of those who toil and love and hope in this nation find them disgusting and their views repugnant. They are no longer "us". They have chosen to follow charlatans and liars down rabbit holes that are both ludicrous and dangerous.

We are,quite clearly, better than they are because we choose love over hate and tolerance over bigotry.

We will win this struggle. Carry on.

Please excuse my ignorance. I'm not sure if this is available nationwide, but in my area,

southern Illinois, I can simply text "50409", follow the prompts and they then send any messages I type to Senators Durbin and Duckworth plus (gag!) Rep. Miller. I can also message Governor Pritzker and other state officials.

There is no fee, but they ask for donations occasionally.

Just a thought---senators are used to getting comments by electronic media. Might we have more

impact if we sent thousands of hand-written postcards with a succinct "CONVICT TRUMP!" message?

---No envelopes to open or be concerned about contents

---standardized language shows organization

---hand-written shows sincerity and commitment.


Seems to me that Rush, the FOX crew and Trump did NOT inject hatred into our society and they

did NOT teach people to hate.

These malignant money-grubbers simply told the perpetually pissed off that the hatred they already harbored for those who were "different" was justified and it was "only right" to blame them for their own many failings.

The main character in a popular movie about Wall Street several years ago preached "Greed is good!" Those I named and countless others expanded on that and preached to their choir that racism, misogyny, lying, theft, vulgarity and even physical assaults were perfectly acceptable as long as they were directed toward "them".

I don't pretend to know how to reverse the nihilistic "nothing matters so anything goes" attitude that is so proudly proclaimed by---let's just say it---most of the Republican party and their white supremacist "fellow travelers". I just know that I will call their hateful bullshit by its name if it is uttered within earshot of me.

Silence is acceptance and I don't need any "friends" that aren't comfortable with that.

My 10,000th post sorta slipped up on me but, for better or worse, this is it.

It does not seem possible that I have actually typed that many posts, but DU says that's the count and I NEVER argue with DU! (I know, I know!)

Most of the time, my posts were of the "ho-hum" variety. Some were of the "Who IS this idiot?" variety.

The responses to some of my posts showed me how ignorant I was; some educated me; some condemned me; and, some made me say "Huh?"

Some of those 10,000 posts pissed you off and some generated "You done good!" responses and kind words.

I continue to be grateful for the DU soapbox and the sense of community it provides. I am past my allotted "three score and ten", so I doubt you will see another 10,000 posts from me, but thank you for tolerating the first 10,000.

Stay safe, GOTV and vote for ALL Democrats.
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