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Is it just possible that the first popular social media platform that bans Trump as a

multiple repeat offender of their guidelines and rules would see a surge in users as grateful Americans switched to them?

So, black GOP Sen. Scott has called for the arrest of the other three cops involved in

the death of George Floyd. News flash for Senator Scott: YOUR CHOSEN PARTY gives not one damn about Mr. Floyd or his family. They currently feel required to send "thoughts and prayers" and "forcefully condemn" the murder, but they are only pissed off at Chauvin because he was stupid enough to kill a black man while he was being videoed. The fact that there is virtually no "wiggle room" as to what happened has embarrassed them and the photo of Chauvin in his red "Cops for Trump" tee shirt on stage at a rally has sent some running for cover.

So, Senator Scott, when you are ready to denounce the "Grand Cyclops" in the White House and call out your fellow Republicans for their smirking racism, we will begin to get ready to commence starting to consider your opinion genuine. Until then, you are the black equivalent of Susan Collins---spare us your "concern".

Have I got this right? When Colbert coined the term "truthiness", everyone understood the

joke: it was a made-up word that meant absolutely nothing but sounded like it might---sorta---maybe if you said it quickly and moved on.

Now, Billy Barr coins the term "Antifa-like" and the right wing nut jobs are wetting themselves and his capo just declared Antifa a terrorist group.

Are Republicans really THAT stupid?

Is this why there are no funny right wing comedians?

In the last 48 hours or so, police have arrested a clearly identified news crew while they

were on air; shot a nationally known news anchor with a rubber bullet in broad daylight while he was on air; after yelling "Light them up!", shot some type of canister at people sitting on their front porch; intentionally driven into protesters with a marked police vehicle; senselessly destroyed a sizable cache of water bottles and jugs of milk in a park so they could not be used to provide first aid to tear-gassed protesters; and, fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters indiscriminately into totally non-violent crowds.

It is scary to say, but can we really expect that some will not eventually start shooting back? With virtually unlimited funds a available to pay "operatives" (provacateurs), is this not a genuine danger?

Does anyone know if Mr. Floyd's family is pursuing an independent autopsy of George's body? nt

My suggestion to the OTHER six of the G7 leaders: lift the cover of any decent photocopier,

place either hand on the glass, palm up---middle finger extended, pinkie, ring finger, pointer and thumb folded up and back. Now, press "print" and send the copied image to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. (Adding "Sit on it and spin!"would be a nice touch, but is not required)

Way back in the Dark Ages, when I was being taught US history and government (by an

excellent teacher who happened to be a Democrat), I first heard about something called the "Social Contract". In its very simplest form, this foundational assumption of our government is that we, the people, surrender some of our personal rights and powers to our government in exchange for that government protecting us and insuring that we be treated fairly.

So, for example, we do not have to live in fortified houses and have a loaded gun under our pillow to feel safe when we go to sleep. We have empowered a police force to keep watch and confront the night prowlers.

Similarly, if someone steals our car, we don't grab a pistol and set out to recover it. We call the cops.

But, my teacher also explained that a contract has obligations that go both ways. We surrender our inherent right as human beings to protect ourselves and our property and to seek our own justice---and the government, with the combined power of all of us together, is obligated to do those things for us and in our name.

I understand this is an oversimplification, but it is this "Social Contract" that our government has never truly honored when seeking to govern black Americans or other people of color. We expect them to follow all of our society's rules and obey all our laws but we have failed to provide them with the equal benefit of those rules and laws. It's as though we printed "All men are created equal" in our textbooks and then added, parenthetically, "unless your skin is black or brown or red or yellow".

And, now, after the umpteenth senseless killing by police of an innocent black person, some people---people of all colors---are disobeying the laws and the police and the White House squatter calls them "thugs"? If anyone else had said that I would say he should be ashamed, but Trump is truly shameless.

Most in the streets tonight are simply insisting that the cardinal rule of any playground be enforced: the rules should be the same for all the players---black or white, cop or citizen. That's what the contract promises.

Gotta get outside. Just watched video of CHILDREN---LITTLE BOYS!---wearing full camo,

helmets and face shields and toting ASSAULT RIFLES in Georgia to oppose the protestors! That's just the latest obscenity that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Whoever is responsible should be------!


I believe Beau Biden died 5 years ago today. nt

I have read several articles which say that Mr. Floyd was arrested for "attempting to pass

a counterfeit $20 bill".

IF the bill in question was in fact bogus, would there not have to be proof that he KNEW it was a counterfeit before he would be guilty of a felony?

Locally, when the occasional counterfeit $20 or $50 or $100 is tendered at a store, the clerk checks it, confiscates it and notifies the local police. Unless the same person has a briefcase full of funny money or is linked to the passing of other bills at different stores, the "penalty" is that the customer is temporarily detained while being interviewed, has their name and identifiers included in an incident report and---they lose the amount of the bill.

I see no reason why Mr Floyd was "cuffed and stuffed" without more evidence than he presented a $20 bill that looked counterfeit.

Oh, wait-------------
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