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Atticus's Journal
Atticus's Journal
May 1, 2020

Could those who post clips from David Packman please label them as such.

Some may feel that giving Mr. Packman 5 minutes of face time in order to watch a 20 second video or read a few lines of transcript is worthwhile. I do not and "click off" each time I unknowingly select such a post and see his name writ bold on a black screen before he appears.


May 1, 2020

Joe Biden should make public all records from the time Ms Reade worked for his office

just as soon as Trump makes public all of his records from the times when the TWENTY FIVE WOMEN who have accused him of predatory sexual behavior say the assaults and rapes occurred AND releases the last ten years of his tax returns.

May 1, 2020

Marsha Blackburn is continuing the Virginia Foxx-Michelle Bachman-Sarah Palin

GOP tradition of being such a vacuous twit that men like the truly ignorant Louie Gohmert can say "At least I'm not THAT stupid!"

April 30, 2020

It is widely understood that "freedom of speech" does not license someone to stand up

and falsely scream "FIRE!" in a packed theater. The inherent and serious danger of such conduct to life and limb far outweighs the relatively minor curtailment of one person's right. Why cannot similar sound reasoning be used to prohibit carrying firearms at these astroturfed "anti-lockdown protests"?

You have protesters and anti-protesters who essentially hate each other with the anti-lockdown ignoramuses screaming obscenities and brandishing assault rifles and other firearms. I have yet to see any reports of the sane side carrying guns.

Is this not also a situation posing a serious danger to life and limb? Have any of the 3 percenters or other genitally-challenged mopes been threatened by those favoring the stay at home policy?

These yahoos aren't "packing heat" for self protection and any of them who says that they are is a mealy-mouthed punk-ass liar. They carry their AR-15s and their Glocks to INTIMIDATE anyone who dares to disagree with their idiocy.

They should be given the option of disarming or not participating. And, to anticipate the few who will say such an approach would "only be asking for trouble", I say "bullshit"! THEY are asking for trouble by their public bullying. I'm just suggesting we give them what they've asked for. If they refuse to either disarm or leave, police should treat them the same way they'd treat any other armed belligerent who refuses to obey a lawful order from law enforcement.

In closing, this OP was "triggered" by photos of several nasty-assed militia types waving AR-15s and shouting insults from the balcony section of the Michigan legislative chamber while lawmakers---some in bulletproof vests--- tried to work. This crap cannot be permitted to continue.

April 30, 2020

Stephanie Ruhle just played the clip of Kushner saying Trump had done everything right

and the economy would soon be "rocking" again. She then asked "Where are they getting that from?"

His ass, Stephanie. Like 99% of the Trump regime's "facts", he just reached back and pulled it outta his ass.

April 30, 2020

Watching the last few minutes of Chris Hayes and trying not to vomit.

He is all into being "fair" and urging us to consider Ms Reade's accusation against Joe Biden as "serious" and "credible". We were told to expect a surge of smears against Joe and the Trump campaign has made no bones about that being their primary "strategy". I just never thought that Mr. Hayes would participate in the mud-slinging.

As I understand the accusation, it concerns supposed events in 1993 which, until recently, Ms Reade termed "harassment" if she spoke of them at all. She claims to have filed a complaint with the Senate, but she has no copy, the Senate has no record of it and three of the four people who she said could corroborate that she told them of the event have said they have no recollection of being told any such thing. And, just recently, when the "smear potential" of her accusation was recognized by right wing Trump operatives and she began getting more and more attention, her story changed from "harassment" to "he pinned me against a wall, reached under my clothing and penetrated me with his fingers".

THAT deserves national discussion in an effort to be "fair"?

Every such complaint deserves serious consideration, but that does not mean all such complainants deserve to be believed. Mr. Hayes is, IMHO, bending over backwards in order to be the "responsible adult in the room" but, in the process, is aiding and abetting the Hannity's and Ingram's of this world.

Pull your head out, Chris. When what you say makes Brad Parscale smile, it is time to reconsider your subject matter.

April 29, 2020

Alas, poor dictionary! We knew you well!

RIP Merriam-Webster, O.E.D., Funk and Wagnalls. The current regime has achieved what was, until recently, only a "1984" fever dream: they have rendered language meaningless.

If alternative facts are the equal of facts; if a fence is the same as a wall; if Trump can say "Mexico will pay for the wall" while Mexico says "We ain't payin' for your fuckin' wall!" and, if simply saying "Anyone who wants a test can get a test" is just as good as actually providing widespread testing, what possible use would anyone have for a dictionary?

Words mean what the Trump crime syndicate says they mean NOW. Not yesterday or last week or five minutes ago. And, whatever Trump or his disciples say a word means now, that may change with their next sentence.

Words like "appropriate" ("employees should wear face masks where appropriate" ) and "feasible" ("patrons shall practice social distancing when feasible" ) and even "possible" ("change masks and gloves after each patient contact if possible" ) are now complete nullities. They mean whatever the PTB say they mean from moment to moment and, thus, they mean nothing.

If, indeed, the world ends "with a whimper", it may be because that is the only remaining vocalization certain to be understood.

April 29, 2020

Trump assumes we are cartoon-strip dogs. That's why he is continually yelling "SQUIRREL!"

any time someone starts asking "nasty" questions about his total failure to effectively deal with this pandemic.

His latest "squirrel" is his directive to the CIA to investigate whether China and the WHO "hid" the existence or severity of the coronavirus threat. But, any distraction will do. If these "investigations" aren't sufficient, maybe we'll just invade some small country---or nuke a big one.

The important thing for Donald is that he not be held responsible for the tens of thousands of Americans---so far---who have died because of his arrogant ignorance.

NOTHING gets better until Trump is gone.

April 29, 2020

I know it was not even close to being the worse thing Mike Pence has done or said in between the

several-times-a-day Trump ass kissings, but the obsequious twit's recent visit to the Mayo Clinic really chapped my nether regions.

Mr. Pence, wearing his most sincere "I really really care because I'm such a good Christian" expression, was filmed entering a patient's room with an entourage of at least half a dozen people. The patient was wearing a face mask. The doctors and nurses and administrators and the governor---everyone in the room EXCEPT THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED EFFING STATES---was wearing a mask!

NO ONE is supposed to enter the Mayo Clinic these days of pandemic unless they are wearing an appropriate mask but, hey---this guy is Trump's most prolific sphincter smoocher so, ---just like his boss, he don't need no stinkin' rules!

I guess I should be used to the unprecedented arrogance of the various functionaries in the Trump cesspool of an administration, but Pence's unnecessary flaunting of his power and privilege in a way that could cost lives just sort of got on my last nerve. Someone should have stopped the sanctimonious waste of skin and told him to either don a mask or get his ass back out into the parking lot!

His wife is not the only "mother" in that household.

April 27, 2020

I learned to identify poison ivy at a very early age. I seemed to be especially

susceptible to catching it from even the slightest contact. So, when, at about age 12, I was hiking through some river bottom woods with some friends and we encountered a huge patch of the stuff all across our path, I warned them to stay away from it. Everyone---except Bobby---back-pedalled and started to give the ivy a wide berth. But, not ol' Bobby.

"Who the hell are you to tell us where to walk" he sneered. (At 12, cussing was considered both rebellious and manly in that era) "Just 'cause you're a candy-ass doesn't mean I am!" he tossed over his shoulder as he waded into the chest high tangle of poison ivy. "Besides," he said as he turned to face us, "I ain't 'lergic to this shit. Never had any in my life!"

As we stared in disbelief, he crushed handfuls of the poison leaves and smeared the sap all over his face , neck and bare arms.

Later that night, our phone rang after dinner and my mother had an emotional conversation with Bobby's mom. They had persuaded their family doctor to open his office after hours to deal with Bobby's "first ever" poison ivy. His eyes had swollen shut and, even scarier, his nasal passages and throat had nearly closed. He recovered after several days without any lasting effects, but never again accompanied us on our woodland jaunts. He did continue being a obnoxious loudmouthed know-it-all until we graduated high school and went our separate ways.

The point of all this? If he is still alive, I am reasonably certain Bobby is one of those assholes out in the street of a state capital toting an AR 15 and screaming that "NOBODY, BY GAWD, CAN TELL ME TO STAY AT HOME!"

I wonder what would have happened if we'd dared him to eat some of that poison ivy.

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