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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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As basic as it gets: I wish the US had a president. Of course, I would much prefer a Democrat, but

I would prefer any responsible adult who I thought cared about the American people to the arrogant ignoramus now fouling the White House. Some who are about to die from the Covid-19 virus would survive IF we had a president.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Do I understand correctly that, even when a doctor or hospital does test someone

for Covid-19, the specimen materials (sputum, etc.) have to be shipped to the CDC before THEY determine the result?

If this is so, does it not mean that what we find out about the number of positive test results and their location will be within the total control of the Trump regime?

"Nothing to see here---move along!"

At this point, it is apparent that the Democratic nominee will be either Sanders or Biden.

Short of some totally unforeseen event---like, God forbid, a health event or a plane crash---none of the other candidates have a realistic chance to win. Even if we wind up with a brokered convention, it is unlikely that the delegates would select a third or fourth place finisher over one or the other of the top two.

It is also apparent that, if all the current candidates remain in the race, Sanders will be our nominee, quite possibly as the result of arriving at our convention with a plurality of delegates. Even if one adds the Warren and Sanders votes together (though I don't consider the two equivalents), the "liberal" votes have never equaled those cast for the "moderates". Sanders would, thus, be a nominee selected by a minority of Democrats.

If, however, the "no real chance" candidates were to withdraw or suspend their campaigns, this would permit the consolidation of the majority behind Biden and an outright primary victory.

Why would candidates who have worked so hard for the nomination step aside? Why would their genuinely enthusiastic supporters transfer their enthusiastic support to Biden? Biden, selected by a majority of Democrats, will DEFEAT TRUMP and will have "coattails" long enough to elect a Democratic House and Senate.

Sanders, if nominated, would get my vote, but would lose---the presidency, the Senate and possibly the House.

I haven't posted for several days and I have only looked in a few times. I don't know when

or even if that will change. This post may get canned because I'm sure some won't think it appropriate.

I genuinely do not like to say unkind things and I hesitate to add to the negativity here, but I also don't like ignoring reality. Add to these my lifetime aversion to abiding fools and my absence from DU this past week is easily understood.

We are no longer a community of mostly like-minded people striving to rise above the well-funded bullshit and devise ways to make our country---and the world---a better place. We seem to have devolved into a strident circular firing squad of trolls, cultists and fanboys. Some of the posts are disingenuous, some are willfully ignorant and some out and out lies worthy of the White House. And, as I read some of the incredibly negative right-wing propaganda that is sometimes not just posted but enthusiastically defended when confronted with the facts, I have to ask why I am doing this to myself; why am I sitting here again reading while my stomach turns and my blood pressure spikes?

Most who bother to read this will understand that my rant is not directed at them. Most, I believe, have at least occasionally shared my dismay about the current "ambience" here. But, some---including some who I'd never heard of until recently---sow division and enmity while paying lip-service to party unity; some knowingly (IMHO) repeat rightwing memes; and, others amuse themselves by sidelining serious policy discussions by picking at nits real and invented.

So, I will continue to kibbitz now and then and post occasionally, but I need some time to heal. In the past several days, I have reread "The Prophet" and "On Bullshit" and am into Book II of Plato's "Republic": literary therapy.

Vote Blue, No Matter Who!

I don't interpret Stone's 40 month sentence as "the judge caved" or "bowed to pressure".

I believe that Judge Amy Berman Jackson expects Stone to be pardoned but, by specifically stating that he "lied to protect the President" and by sentencing him to just half of the only specific number of months the DOJ requested, she has made a pardon more politically painful for Trump. And, in the event Trump does not pardon Stone right away, she has made a record that will make it more difficult for an appellate court to find an abuse of discretion.

Like most here, I believe Stone should not be let out of prison till he is moss-covered, but this judge has to deal with the real world and genuine legal concerns. I think her patience and restraint were admirable and her sentencing decision---and her comments--- were in the finest tradition of an independent judiciary.

I guess the sexist bias is unconscious, but it is sure as hell coloring some of the

opinions about the Buttigieg-Klobuchar dust-up. I am a 71 year old male and guys, why is it that when a man speaks with force and passion in strong support of a position he is called "strong" and "forceful" and "aggressive" but, when a woman does the same thing, she's called "mean" or "shrill" or "angry"?

Why is a man who pushes his viewpoint simply a "hard charger" or a "go getter" but a woman who does the same is a "bitch"?

This attitude offends me as a husband with sisters, a daughter and a granddaughter. I would be flat out pissed if I was a woman.

That swirling sound? Bloomberg's candidacy swirling down the toilet. nt

Some here have contracted the "Republicanifactus" virus. Those afflicted suffer from the

delusion---nearly universal among Republicans--- that simply announcing an opinion makes it a "fact". Examples by Himself include "I've already built many miles of border wall", " the July 25th phone conversation with Zelenski was PERFECT" and "I'm a very intelligent person".

Recently, some here have apparently come down with this malady, saying silly things like "It's over---Sanders is our nominee". Now, it may eventually be a fact that Mr. Sanders is our nominee, but making such pronouncements after one caucus and one primary---each in predominantly white states with relatively few delegates---is pretty transparent. And, actually, this post is not directed at those who make such statements. They will disregard my message.

It is, however, my hope that others will recognize such statements as simply an attempt to "stampede the herd".

Use your common sense. Think for yourself. Cast YOUR vote for YOUR choice, not someone else's idea of who is "inevitable".

How many times have we heard Trump and his band of thugs tell us that "the people"

agree with them; that "the people" support them; "the people" want assorted Democrats in prison? The Trumpian version of "the people" only includes those who worship at the altar of Trump. Democrats recall the soaring original COMPLETE concept: "WE the people---"

"The people" does not equal "America". "WE the people" does.

We---all of us---regardless of race, gender, faith (or none ), wealth or poverty, age or political affiliation---"We the people" are America and "We the Democrats" understand that.

That, as much as anything, puts the lie to "both parties are the same".
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