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Member since: 2002
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To anyone who calls themself a Christian---evangelical, fundamentalist, main-line or splinter sect,

never-miss-a-Sunday or lapsed, Catholic or Protestant or "other":

If you do NOT support Donald Trump, never mind. Your religion has not made you deaf and blind to the rot that Trump and his disciples flaunt on a daily basis.

If you DO support Donald Trump---even now when you cannot possibly claim to be ignorant of his mendacity, vulgarity, hypocrisy and cruelty---I must ask: do you also support the likes of McConnell and Graham and their Senate crew in the way they have announced their decision to acquit Trump before his trial has even begun?

Are you not aware of the "sacred" oath they will take before the trial begins or do you just not give a damn? Let me quote it for you: "I solemnly swear (or affirm) that in all things appertaining to the trial of Donald John Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, SO HELP ME GOD."

I put those last four words in ALL CAPS because you folks have somehow managed to look the other way when someone tries to take the "God thing" seriously and I want to be sure those words are not ignored. Mitch and Lindsey and most of the rest of your cherished Republican majority are going to raise their hands and "solemnly swear" to "do "IMPARTIAL justice" "SO HELP THEM GOD"---despite having gleefully announced to the world that they have no intention to be impartial; that they will not allow Trump to be impeached. If that is OK with you, I have one more question.

What, short of chanting "Fuck Jesus!" on national TV, might NOT be OK with you, God-wise?

R2D2's secret message:

How is Bernie not burning bridges best preserved and giving Trump quotes to use against any

Democrat in 2020 with his repeated criticisms of the party now providing the framework for his presidential run?

Collins to Murkowski: "I'll see your 'disturbed' and raise you one 'concerned'." nt

Dear Senator Murkowski: You must know that your name has been mentioned during

virtually every newscast for the past several days. A lot of supposed political "analysts" and " consultants" think it is very significant---even exciting---that you have said right out loud that you are "disturbed" that Mitch McConnell had said---oath be damned---he plans to acquit Trump as promptly as possible.



People get "disturbed" when their reserved table is not ready when they arrive at the restaurant or the rare steak they ordered isn't even pink inside.

People get "disturbed" when they break a nail, lose a fish or miss a three foot putt.

When people hear that the jury foreman in a trial where their interests are at stake has openly announced his total agreement with their adversary and pledged to cooperate with them at the trial, normal decent folks are not "disturbed", they are outraged; angry; pissed off.

When you publicly use those terms or their equivalents, Senator, I will agree that you have said something significant; perhaps even courageous. But, until then, you are in the current news spotlight only because the 24 hour cable news industry needs something to hype.

Senators who are truly outraged and offended vote accordingly. Senators who are "disturbed" send "strongly worded notes"---sometimes.

I will be busy for the next couple days eating, drinking, smiling and feeling very very blessed.

May you and yours know peace and love in this holiday season.

It's the fumes, you see,---the fumes produced by the windmills---that cause the windmill cancers.

Everybody knows that!

What do you think killed Don Quixote? Amiright?

I was really saddened, though, to hear about windmills killing the Eagles because I really liked their music.

By definition, prostitutes sell their dignity and allow themselves to be used in exchange for

some form of benefit.

How do they differ from "evangelicals?

I have now watched several televised interviews of Mr. Galli, the editor of

"Christianity Today". His matter-of-fact explanation that he and his evangelical brethren have spent the past three years "balancing the trade-offs"---or words to that effect---between Trump's obvious flouting of all "Christian principles" and his willingness to appoint sycophantic anti-abortion wingnuts to the federal bench was sickening.

That open and unconcerned admission that, "Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we ARE hypocrites" reminds me of another in-your-face "So what?" confession: "READ THE TRANSCRIPT!"

If this shoe fits, wear the damn thing! Those who thoughtlessly post/repost/tweet/retweet

bullshit are just as blameworthy, just as dangerous to our cause and just as complicit in Trump's attempted takeover as those who created the bullshit! While it is sometimes difficult to know what is true and what is BS, it doesn't take long to Google the named source of the "OMG Breaking News" and see if they have a rep for truth-telling or breathless bullshit.

Wake up! Millions are being spent to smear our candidates and their supporters with anything that will offend, anger or disgust the "low information voters". We should be reporting it whenever we see it and doing our best to offer the facts to our neighbors. We should NOT---for any reason---be posting Trump/Russian/fascist talking points and wedges here on this board.
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