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Atticus's Journal
Atticus's Journal
April 25, 2023

Tonight I'll pour a tall one, in fact I may pour two

To celebrate that Tucker Carlson finally got his due
But, Murdoch is the serpent's head and he's still slitherin' round
And he still has his megaphone to amplify the sound
Of eager MAGA bobbleheads and some old-fashioned yes-men
Who play with all our lives like we were just so many chess men

If we don't defang Rupert and all his scaly clan
We may lose our democracy; that's always been their plan.
So, pause tonight and celebrate that Tuck has lost his show.
But, tomorrow get back in the fight; a lot more need to go!

April 24, 2023

What will be decided by the 2024 election? Simply this: whether a majority of Americans who

bother to vote are self-destructive lunatics.

That's the bottom line. No ifs, ands or buts.

No exceptions. No do-overs.

Those ready to point out that "some" Trump supporters are just "good people" who have been victimized by his lies give cover to the 99% plus who have simply been given permission to be the vile monsters they've always wanted to be. They should pull their heads out.

April 24, 2023

Anyone supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a "Democratic" candidate for POTUS in '24 is in

the same category as the MAGAts: willfully ignorant self-centered political terrorists.

They don't want to build; they want to tear down.

They don't want to elect; they want to defeat.

How could a rational person who agrees with most of our long-held Democratic ideals even CONSIDER voting for a candidate who is backed by the likes of Bannon and associates with malignant trolls like Stone?

Elections are about making a choice, not making a statement. Pull your heads out, people!

April 24, 2023

I really hope this doesn't offend anyone---above all, I wanna be nice--- but maybe we should send

Justice Thomas a real strongly worded note about------you know.

April 21, 2023

Something you might consider worth the few seconds it will take:

---appreciate something nice or beautiful that you take for granted because you're "busy".

HEAR that birdsong; the smile in a grandchild's voice; that "oldie" love song on the radio.

SEE that glorious sunrise or sunset or face of one who loves you unconditionally.

SMELL that brewing coffee; that lilac blossom; that burger on the grill.

Know that the day will come when each of us would do anything to experience those ONE MORE TIME.

April 21, 2023

None of those seeking the Republican presidential nomination are people I would trust

to care for a goldfish over a weekend, let alone our nation over four years.

April 21, 2023

You may pace in desperation , fretting and wondering aloud "What to do?" and finding no avenue

of deliverance or escape, leave your carpeted cocoon to walk---somewhere.

And, if you are very fortunate, after a time, may find your senses being gently soothed by a forgotten balm.

Your walk on layers of leaf mold layed down over uncounted years by the oaks and hickories whose towering spires form the cathedral you've entered and you are stunned how delicious is the earthy aroma stirred by your steps.

You can taste the very air you share with fox squirrels and downy woodpeckers and fiddlehead ferns.

Your quiet peaceful joy is grounded in the awareness that you have reconnected with things ancient and sacred.

You fold the sights, smells and sounds into your self and, turning back to the cell you'd fled, vow to remember them and accept their healing.

April 21, 2023

You know how words of command can be ignored only so often before they become meaningless?

It does little good to say "Quiet down!" to noisy children if they have heard those words dozens of times before and they know you will not DO anything if they disregard the order.

"ENOUGH!" after the shooting du jour no longer means anything, no matter who says it and no matter how earnestly or loudly it is said.

Apparently "NOT ENOUGH" innocents have been murdered.

April 20, 2023

A few facts for the Tennessee knuckledraggers who proclaimed April "Confederate History Month":

* The Civil War was NOT the "northern war of aggression". It was an INSURRECTION seeking to destroy the duly authorized government of the United States of America.

* Those who fought for or supported the "Confederate States if America" were TRAITORS. If Lincoln had imposed on them the penalty Trump says should apply, they'd have all been EXECUTED!

* That "Stars and Bars" flag you worship is what decent folks call the "Dixie Swastika". The real "Confederate flag" was solid white----they SURRENDERED after they got their butts whupped.

So, go ahead: "study" your history as it really took place.

Y'all sure as shit got nothin' to be proud of!

April 20, 2023

Any POTUS may inadvertently nominate a totally incompetent and emotionally unqualified judge

to sit on a federal bench. Despite his or her best efforts to fully vet prospects and weed out the nitwits, some who seem just fine turn out to be---"not". HOWEVER, ----

----after Kavanaugh---and Cannon---and Kaczmarek---and, now, Vyskocil---does anyone else see malevolent intent on Trump's part?

And, the fascist bobbleheads who greased the skids to launch such whores---are they any less to blame?


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