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Just for some context for how abuse by the wealthy elites was dealt with in the past, skim through

"The Gangs of New York".

In New York in the mid-19th century, people were actually starving while wealthy businessmen guarded their warehouses filled with flour and grain and the prices skyrocketed. After pleas and marches failed to influence the capitalists to release some of their stores to save lives, angry mobs assembled, overpowered the guards and broke into the food stores. But, they did not stop with that.

They marched to the mansions of the wealthy, broke into them, carried away furniture and silverware and clothing---anything of value---and then burned the big houses after hanging their owners from lamp posts.

Of course, nothing even remotely like this could happen today, right?

It is increasingly apparent that Madison Cawthorn's most serious impairment is from the neck up,

not from the waist down.
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