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Member since: 2002
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Please stop using the infused photo of Hillary and Trump

I know it is not 16th yet. However, this photo is so wrong and hurtful.


can someone clarify about the DU member [bobthedrummer and his posts regarding Clinton Foundation

I know RW has a huge negative PR on Clinton Foundation.

However, this guy seems like a one of older member and I want some clarification.
I read his thread and no Hilary supporter was posting.

I am Hilary supporter for long time and stayed away from DU for a long time after 2008.
However, this guys hate for Hilary is very deep and I appreciate if someone can clarify against his claim.


I made a plea for civility. Now I have a question for Sanders supporters.

Now, I am seeing a disturbing trend around this Nevada incident.

I read escalation of language.
I read posts that promoting 'any means necessary' as long as it is against Democrats leadership and Hillary supporters.

I checked uploaded voice mail using language such as 'hung' and 'kill'.

I read the language that suggest some sort of French revolution like events in a positive manner.

I generally welcome Sanders staying in the race as long as it is positive and civil.
Push as much as you want to demand more left leaning policy platforms. I support that as
a Hillary supporter.

However, please stop using lynch mob like language.
All violent revolutions had ended in bloody mess. Do you remember Stalin? Cultural Revolution?
Killing field?

Please be civil.

I am just so sad to read and listen to these language.


As a Hillary supporter, I ask for civility

Dear Sanders supporters and Hillary supporters,

I respect Senator Sanders.
I also respect his decision to contest the nomination at the convention.
I respect his political belief and personal values.
I also respect some Sanders supporters decision not to vote for Hillary.
I agree that it is mathematically still possible (but not probable ) for Sander's to win the nomination.

In return, please be civil.

I joined DU a little after 9-11 and stolen election.
Until I left DU in 2008, our enemy was Freepers and GOP.

Around the time of 2008, I got an impression that SM based uncivil language started.

I was actually shocked today, someone posted #DropoutHillary tweets.

Please do not turn DU into High-school bully SM.

Clinton campaign also showed the respect for Sanders Campaign.


It really saddens old Asian lady's heart to see DU becoming so vulgar and hateful.

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