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Beau of the Fifth Column: Wear A Mask, Texans

A message to Texas from a Florida man:

Welcome Back, Sir !!!

My sentiments below:

Branded - TLP


A Superb Owl story for this Sunday (NOT football)

The Art And Education Of Owling


I. . . watched my son as he pulled out a bundle of old fisherman’s rope, unfurling it like a banner until it revealed something that looked like a dead rodent tied to its other end.

What Theo was actually holding was a mouse decoy, born out of a ball of duct tape, petal-sized ears included, with two Sharpie marker dots for eyes and a broken beige rubber band for a tail. Gripping one end of the rope, Theo dropped the mouse out of the window and said, “OK, Mom. You can drive now, but not too fast.” So I drove, not too fast, the little mouse trailing behind us.

We were owling.

For months, and more than anything in the world, Theo had wanted to see an owl. Ever since the pandemic ushered us indoors, my son has been pining for nature — particularly birds, specifically owls — and has become a junior armchair ornithologist. Through his curious eyes, I’ve come to appreciate owling as an opportunity for humility. I remember to revere the outdoor world. The purity of its reasoning, the beauty of its math and its magic. How it holds no grudges yet favors no one.

More at the link above. . .

Trump Will Not Testify At Impeachment Trial - CHICKEN

Trump Will Not Testify At Impeachment Trial


"Bad" Voting Machine Rejected By New York (Board Of Elections)

From a press release I received in an e-mail:


New York City - February 2, 2021 -- The New York State Board of Elections unanimously rejected certification of a voting machine called the ExpressVote XL at a special late January meeting. The machine, made by ES&S, is referred to as a “hybrid” or “all-in-one” voting machine because it combines voting and tabulation in a single device. Rather than tabulating hand-marked paper ballots, the practice recommended by security experts, the ExpressVote XL generates a computer-printed summary card for each voter. The summary cards contain barcodes representing candidates’ names, and the machine tabulates votes from the barcodes. Security experts warn that the system “could change a vote for one candidate to be a vote for another candidate,” if it were hacked. Colorado, a leader in election security, has banned barcodes in voting, due to the high risk.

Professor Rich DeMillo, Chair of the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy at Georgia Tech, said, “It is encouraging that the commissioners refused to certify the ExpressVoteXL, an all-in-one ballot marking device that poses extraordinary risks for the voters of New York.” DeMillo is one of over 50 experts, good government groups and disability advocates who signed a letter opposing certification of the voting machine. Seven disability rights groups, led by Downstate New York Adapt, listed privacy concerns as a reason for their opposition. They noted the machine’s “skinny ballots” are a different size, and so might reveal voters’ choices.

The vendor ES&S will likely attempt to remedy the issues that were raised during the certification process and try to have the system certified again. Additionally there are other voting systems being marketed, and even in use here in New York that have the same security issues. So the next step in protecting New York voters is to pass legislation to permanently ban hybrid voting machines from being used in the state.

NYS Assembly Bill #A1115 (Amy Paulin)
NYS Senate Bill #S0309 (Zellnor Myrie)

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