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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 20,937

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Trump's New Hampshire speech in 104 seconds - Lincoln Project


VoteVets ad: The First

Remember Navy SEAL Ryan Owens?

. . .back from late January 2017?

He was the first casualty of Trump's ineptitude as a "Commander-In-Chief"

His father was none too happy about it back then, and now he speaks about it in this ad
by VoteVets:

Adultery. (Hypocrisy, thy name is Mike Pence)

brand new from The Lincoln Project:

"We added the music so you don't have to" - Kimberly Guilfoyle's speech

. . .courtesy of Mother Jones magazine:


Which of the Seven (7) Deadly Sins does Trump commit most often?

John McCutcheon "The Machine"

"This Machine Kills Fascists"
We must be the machine"

Hasta La Vista, Trump (Lincoln Project)

English and Spanish, although IMO, the Spanish version really needs no translation.

Here's Rick Reilly's response to Dan Rather. . .


Tee hee.

Mailbox edition of Woody Guthrie's guitar. . .

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