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Member since: 2002
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Stupid "food" products? Highly unhealthy ones? Need your help, please.

1) Know anything others would benefit from knowing, such as potentially dangerous stuff in packaged or restaurant food? (Fast food with pink slime, for example.)

2) What's the DUMBEST packaged food product you've seen in the stores?

Some of my "faves" I've watched people buy include a single potato wrapped in plastic wrap with the "Microwave Ready!" sticker on it. They cost much more than the SAME potatoes, either singly or bagged, if you judge by weight. Reasons why I find this absurd:

Do consumers not have plastic wrap at home?
Do they consider the potato cleaner than they could get it themselves?
Are people really willing to pay a LOT more for this "convenience" that would take them maybe a couple minutes at home? (YES.)

My latest find is Frozen Rice. Convenient? Sure, but. Saves maybe 10 minutes off cooking real rice with plain old water on the stove--time people could spend watching tee vee or anything else. I don't think this is a product for the rich, so why do they spend much more than a single bag of rice to buy it?

I'm trying to put together a book on the wasteful, deceptive, possibly even dangerous ways marketers will trick consumers into spending way too much money and getting less, even while getting toxic chemicals, etc.

I'm working on a book on this subject, not really a serious coffee table book, more of a quick reader. Some folks in another group know I'm writing a book on another topic. I'm actually working on three at once, a little every day.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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