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How come I click on a OP and get something else?

I click on this
Almost two months ago, an unarmed young man 78 recs : By MannyGoldstein
And get this.

An explanation for the flood of Noah.

This is not my idea but one I read about a long time ago when I was into reading mysticism and stuff...and cannot remember where I got it from, but I will try it out here to see what you think.

It is based on a reading by Edgar Casey back in the 30s...and it had to do with Atlantis the lost contenent...and according to Casey the Atlantians were highly advanced and they caused their own destruction because they "ruptured the gas belt"...and I always wondered at that...a gas belt?

But then I learned about methane hydrate...methane gas in a solid form bound with water into an ice, and in the 30s they did not know that those do actually exist in the deep parts of the seAs of the world....large quantize of it locked up in solid under great pressure from the deep water.
And the two things that keep them solid is pressure and temperature...change any one of those too much and you get what you get when you pop a cork on a bottle of champain...a rapid expansion of water...
And according to this theory or creative speculation if you will...the flood was caused by the Atlantians who ruptured this methane hydrate layer under the sea and that explains the rain for 40 days and the water covering the mountains and then receding after a time...it would have also produced a gigantic tsunami wave that could have wrecked the whole world.

Any thoughts?
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