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zeemike's Journal
zeemike's Journal
May 25, 2012

Donít start the revolution without me

I just watched Jessie Ventura on the intertude
He said he had a lot to say
But Shawn kept getting in the way

And when this thing had ended Shawn had to have the last word and said
Ain‘t you shamed you raggedy head..

Felt so down and out…wanted to write old Jessie a letter and say.
Oh Jessie you are such a cool guy and every thing you say is true, and you are not afraid….that is the most important part…not afraid…
You should run for president.

But then I came to….
and I think he already knew.
That they would squash him like a cockroach underfoot, and with the same regard you would feel for a cockroach.
Squash…Splat….get that mess out of my flat!

But if you are not too forward they will let you sell your book
Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me was what it said.
And on another show they commented that it had not started yet.
And I wanted you to say
“The revolution does not always start with a fight….the ones that are successful anyway…and when you get it right you never have to fight.

But time was up…had to run…
No time left….this clip is done
then they were gone.

And in my mind I was so disposed
To try to put this all in pros.
It’s hopeless it seems…except in dreams.
That we can change this world with a grand revolution…a bloodless one where the good wins out over the bad and all the tears are wiped away and justice is done for everyone….
But no that is not right…it is not hopeless
For I remember what the Bard once said
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on”
And now off to bed.

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