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Fuck Bernie Sanders

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MSNBC New Ad Slams CNN

And FIXED for not running todays speeches .... Did any one catch CNN and their new 10 minute rule? I tune in to watch the Prez, because MSNBC was doing punditry and CNN was not. After 8 minutes, the CNN lady says, it's been ten minutes, we gave 10 min to Romney and in fairness, 10 minutes to the President of the USA.

I called CNN ... Utterly stupid call on their part .. MSNBC capitalizing

Comcast Call Centers in Karachi Pakistan

anywhere but America!

I always ask the person on the other end - where they are located. Normally it's the usual suspects, India, Indonesia, etc...Pakistan threw me for a loop, I hung up.

Motherfuckers (215) 665-1700
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