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Gender: Male
Hometown: America's Finest City
Current location: District 50
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 9,634

Journal Archives

Trump Gives Intelligence Agencies Their Daily Briefing

NEW YORKóSitting down with top officials from the CIA, FBI, and Defense Intelligence Agency in a Trump Tower conference room, President-elect Donald Trump reportedly gave U.S. intelligence agencies their daily briefing Tuesday morning.

ďWith the inauguration just weeks away, the president-elect held a meeting today to bring leaders of the intelligence community up to speed on critical information that will affect his diplomatic and defense decisions as the nationís commander-in-chief,Ē said Reince Priebus, Trumpís chief of staff, noting that the president-elect was planning to give briefings to intelligence officials every morning during his presidency in order to keep them closely apprised of the greatest areas of concern and latest threats to the nation.

ďThereís a considerable amount of secret and highly sensitive intel about military operations and diplomatic affairs that only Mr. Trump has the expertise to provide, and itís imperative that he convey these findings to our nationís intelligence directors. This is an invaluable service provided by Mr. Trump, and these meetings will be as frequent and as thorough as necessary to ensure the urgent information that Mr. Trump has gathered reaches those in our intelligence community.Ē

Priebus added that the specifics covered during the briefings would be kept classified, as much of it would be incredibly shocking to the American populace.


The Missouri Auto Dealers Association Hates You, Tesla & America

America is under attack, but itís not the Russians we need to be worried about. Itís car dealers. Not all car dealers are bad, but even the good ones are protected by bad laws, and all of them are protected by dealer associations, who are like ISIS, the IRS and cancer rolled into one.

All four horsemen of the American economic apocalypse ó cronyism, cowardice, hypocrisy and protectionism ó are represented by dealer associations. The worst of the lot, those of Texas, Michigan and Virginia, are now joined by Missouriís MADA, whose legal victory over Tesla may deprive them of the right to sell cars in that state.

We need a new House on Un-American Activities Commission, this one focused on the anti-competitive forces that are the real Communists among us.

Competition is at the heart of American economic strength. The opposite of competition is Communism, central planning and failure. Competition is how the United States won the Cold War. Itís how and why species, technologies and business evolve and grow. Itís why homo sapiens are the dominant biped, the World Wide Web crushed the Minitel, and Google eclipsed AltaVista. Itís why everyone is scrambling to catch up to Tesla by embracing the technologies theyíve pioneered.


China says it will shut down ivory trade by end of 2017

Source: AP

China says it plans to shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017 in a move designed to curb the mass slaughter of African elephants.

The Chinese government will end the processing and selling of ivory and ivory products by the end of March as it phases out the legal trade, according to a statement released on Friday.

China had previously announced it planned to shut down the commercial trade, which conservationists described as significant because China's vast, increasingly affluent consumer market drives much of the elephant poaching across Africa.

"This is a game changer for Africa's elephants," said Aili Kang, the Asia director for the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-says-shut-down-ivory-trade-end-2017-171154298.html
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